Texas is the second largest state in the United States of America and it is filled with fascinating things to see, beautiful places to visit and opportunities for unique experiences.  The state is known for its sports teams, universities, natural beauty and diverse culture.  The arts are appreciated by many people in Texas and are displayed in museums throughout the state. Some museums are specifically designated for genres such as Asian art and sculpture.

With the strong arts culture, many individuals grow up around the arts and desire to be part of arts production through a career as a professional photographer. Texas photography degrees begin the careers of many fine art, landscape and sports photographers.  Landscape photographers can find an abundance of natural beauty among the coastline and the Texas interior to photograph. With several professional sports teams in the state, a sports photography career can be an enjoyable career choice for a person who loves both sports and photography.    Many universities also have college sports teams and offer plenty of opportunities for an aspiring sports photographer to practice the craft of fast-paced sports photography.

Texas photography degrees are offered by several state universities, technical schools and private schools. Theses degrees include training in classes such as digital photography, film photography, color fundamentals, basic art design and liberal arts topics.  Depending on the area of photography that an individual decides to pursue, there may be varying courses that are specific to that genre.  As the student progresses through each class, he or she will develop a portfolio of photographs that can be used to find permanent, professional employment.

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