California is not only a very large state; it is also a very unique state.  The coastline of the state is situated adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and is a favorite for serious surfers.  Cities such as Los Angeles and Sacramento are industrial metropolises while the well-known Hollywood area is home to many famous film producers, actors and actresses.  

Hollywood, California, is also a hot spot for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the arts.  Film makers, photographers and script writers flock to the area with dreams of an exciting, well-paid career. California is known for the arts scene of Hollywood and many people choose to pursue their photography career in this area. Individuals who pursue California photography degrees often become photographers that specialize in fine art, landscape, fashion and portrait photography.

California photography degrees are available from state universities, technical schools and private institutions.  Most professional photography jobs will require a bachelors degree which can normally be completed in four years. This degree will include training in photography using classes on digital photography, film photography and color fundamentals to develop the student’s skills.  Most photography degrees will also require some liberal arts courses and basic art design courses. Advanced courses will offer the student the opportunity to practice their craft as he or she builds a portfolio that showcases the best of his or her work. An internship with a professional photographer may also be required by some California photography degree programs.  Some individuals may choose to pursue a masters degree in order to gain even more education.

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