If you are looking Photography classes in Nevada we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Photography classes in NV and search for schools to request information:

The Art Institute of Las Vegas

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Photography provides graduates the education and practical experience needed to maintain their marketability in a highly competitive industry that demands increasingly more varied skills and knowledge. The curriculum reflects the continued impact of technology on photography and imaging and prepares students for entry-level industry positions. The program meets its mission by providing students with strong technical skills and knowledge while enabling them to develop sophisticated visions representative of their unique imaging styles.

PHG150 Photographic Design

This course requires students to demonstrate their ability to define and solve advanced design problems. Students will analyze the characteristics and purposes of various problems and then offer clear and creative solutions for each. The students are expected to communicate ideas using symbolism appropriately.

PHG220 Advanced Lighting

This course expands on the Lighting course, with an emphasis on lighting for products and people both in the studio and on location. Introduction to the necessary and correct utilization of electronic flash and lighting tools in the studio and on location are covered.

PHG120 Lighting

Introducing students to the basic concepts and principles of lighting for photography, the course emphasizes the need to recognize and to control the qualities of natural and artificial light when creating a quality photographic image. Applying the skills that they acquire, students learn to light the three universal photographic surfaces.

PHG370 Photo Essay I

In this course, the student will develop extended photographic narratives. This course will carry the student through the process of producing sets of imagery that conveys a story or ideas that have little written narrative support. Photographs will be analyzed not only for their stand-alone creative content, but for their ability to introduce transition and conclude a picture story with maximum visual effect. The success of the essay will be through historical and cultural context, in-depth research, and methods of project development.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Professional Photography program is designed to optimize student talent and creativity through the development of technical competency in lighting, image capture and manipulation, and media production. The program emphasizes proficient utilization of camera controls and digital imaging techniques to achieve artistic and business objectives.

PHOTO 280 Wedding and Event Photography

This course emphasizes the process of image design for individuals, couples and groups. The course presents both traditional and contemporary approaches to wedding and event photography.

PHOTO 315 Imaging Software III

This course explores advanced tools and techniques of photographic work flow using software applications. Topics covered build upon foundations learned in previous courses.

PHOTO 240 Portraiture

This course examines mainstream commercial portraiture. The applications of traditional and contemporary principles are used to establish confidence and control in lighting and posing, as well as final image production.

PHOTO 270 Studio Lighting

This course applies advanced theories of light control in a studio table top environment. Precise control of reflective and non-reflective surfaces is emphasized.


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