If you are looking for Photography classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Photography classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

American Academy of Art

Whether you study traditional or digital photography, we help train your artistic eye as you master the camera. You will develop an individual style and leave with an amazing portfolio. As one of the nation’s top photography schools, we train you to be the next top photographer.

PHO202 Studio Lighting and Techniques

In this class the student will learn to control studio lighting through the use of strobe lighting systems and other controlled light sources. Demonstrations will include lighting techniques for small product, still-lifes and life models. Students will use softboxes, umbrellas and other reflectors, combined with bounce cards, scrims and flags to achieve the desired lighting. Flat art copying will also be covered. Students will learn the basic strategies and techniques through projects that aid in the development of compositional concepts.

PHO201 Introduction to Photographic Imaging

The introductory photography class is designed to provide an understanding of photography through traditional techniques. Topics will focus on camera mechanics, exposure metering and calculation, film development, custom print processing and presentation. A brief history of film processes will also be covered. Students receive hands-on training in darkroom techniques through the completion of various creative projects. A medium-format camera, hand-held meter and tripod will be provided.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Professional Photography program is designed to optimize student talent and creativity through the development of technical competency in lighting, image capture and manipulation, and media production. The program emphasizes proficient utilization of camera controls and digital imaging techniques to achieve artistic and business objectives.

PHOTO 135 Color Management

This course presents techniques to control and prepare a digital file for output. Work will be produced in both color and grayscales using a variety of icc profiles. Additional topics include calibration of monitors and working in a variety of color spaces.

PHOTO 270 Studio Lighting

This course applies advanced theories of light control in a studio table top environment. Precise control of reflective and non-reflective surfaces is emphasized.

PHOTO 115 Imaging Software II

This course focuses on intermediate fundamentals of photo imaging applications. The broad-range of functions these programs offer will be explored as tools for the photographer to enhance their images.

PHOTO 280 Wedding and Event Photography

This course emphasizes the process of image design for individuals, couples and groups. The course presents both traditional and contemporary approaches to wedding and event photography.


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