Taking up Houston photography classes from two leading universities can spell success for your future professional practice. The University of Houston and Sam Houston State University are found in the fourth largest US city. When you study here, you can continuously hone your photography skills under the tutelage of outstanding mentors. At the same time, you’ll experience the vibrant art culture of the city through its museums, photography exhibits, and alternative spaces.

Completing your Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography or Digital Media from the University of Houston gives you a fulfilling future in the field. Your comprehensive portfolio during the program will be your entry ticket for graduate school. By understanding the technical, historical, and critical strategies for studio practice, you can have a good blend of traditional and contemporary photography instruction. You will gain the privilege of learning the insights from visiting teachers abroad. For exceptional performances, your internship can be for three semesters in a museum, non-profit art organization or at alternative art spaces. When you finish the program, you can serve as an exhibiting photographer, multimedia artist, web designer, picture editor or 2-D animator.

At Sam Houston State University, you can finish your Photography Degree with a Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts. Maintaining an average of at least 3.0 throughout the program lets you complete a BFA. After the first course, you will be part of the BFA review that happens once in a semester. After two BFA reviews, an average below 3.0 lets you change to a BA or another major. For BFA aspirants, you will finish the six foundation art courses in freshman and sophomore year. It’s a very competitive program that enables you to pursue further studies and to be a participant at the exhibit as a senior. All of the SHSU alumni end up serving throughout the US in all areas of photography. 

These Houston photography classes can give you an edge. Countless graduates have served their fellow Americans and foreigners through the skills they learned here.

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