If you are looking for Photography classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Photography classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

Digital Media Arts College

Digital Photography classes are intended for applicants with a strong interest in photography and image creation. Successful applicants will have a basic knowledge of photography and must demonstrate an understanding of imaging fundamentals. Students will work primarily in the digital realm of photography and imaging.

CGD 1022 Digital Photography

An introduction to the fundamentals of photography, this course emphasizes understanding photography as a tool for visual expression. This course contains a lab component.

The Art Institute of Tampa

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Photography provides graduates the education and practical experience needed to maintain their marketability in a highly competitive industry that demands increasingly more varied skills and knowledge. The curriculum reflects the continued impact of technology on photography and imaging and prepares students for entry-level industry positions. The program meets its mission by providing students with strong technical skills and knowledge while enabling them to develop sophisticated visions representative of their unique imaging styles.

GR1260 Digital Photography for Designers

This course introduces students to the fundamental terminology, concepts, and techniques of digital photography. It focuses on the principals of using color, composition, lighting, and other techniques for overall thematic and visual effects of photographic images.

FV1101 Lighting

In this course, students will be introduced to the basic concepts and principles of lighting for photography. The fundamentals of recognizing and controlling both natural and studio lighting with emphasis on the quality, direction and effect on the photographic image will be covered.

Full Sail University

The Associate of Science degree program in Digital Photography teaches students traditional photographic skills as well as emerging technical skills in the ever-changing digital world of professional photographers. 

Students enrolling in the Digital Photography degree program will study course content covering career-relevant skills training in commercial, advertising, portrait photography, photojournalism and wedding photography. They will also complete hands-on projects using industry-standard cameras, lighting, grip, software and techniques. R�sum�- and portfolio-building opportunities are also emphasized throughout the degree program. 

GRD 162 Digital Photography

The Digital Photography Course builds upon the concepts learned in the prior courses, especially composition and aesthetics. Students will be exposed to many of the best photographers’ work and will learn advanced techniques for taking digital photographs, editing and presenting them, and managing metadata/files with industry leading software. In this course, students are asked to shoot and present their work in various delivery platforms. The design concepts reinforced in this course can be used across all types of media.

PGY 1103 Photography

The Photography Course introduces students to still photography and the storytelling process using a Digital SLR camera. Basic camera techniques including lens theory, proper exposure and manipulating depth of field are presented. Students learn to use iPhoto and Keynote to manipulate and present their photographs in a digital portfolio.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Professional Photography program is designed to optimize student talent and creativity through the development of technical competency in lighting, image capture and manipulation, and media production. The program emphasizes proficient utilization of camera controls and digital imaging techniques to achieve artistic and business objectives.

PHOTO 135 Color Management

This course presents techniques to control and prepare a digital file for output. Work will be produced in both color and grayscales using a variety of icc profiles. Additional topics include calibration of monitors and working in a variety of color spaces.

PHOTO 270 Studio Lighting

This course applies advanced theories of light control in a studio table top environment. Precise control of reflective and non-reflective surfaces is emphasized.

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