If you are looking for Photography classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Photography classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

Brooks Institute

The mission of the Brooks Institute Wedding Photography Certificate Program is to prepare students to successfully pursue and/or further careers in the wedding photography industry. The program is built on the philosophy of “learning by doing” and is designed to train all students in basic through advanced photographic skills, marketing and professional business practices within the industry. The curriculum promotes critical thinking, creativity and excellence, and embraces the highest level of craftsmanship, advancing the field of wedding photography.

WED211 Advanced Lighting and Digital Workflow

Advanced lighting techniques unique to the wedding industry will be demonstrated and practiced including, but not limited to, double speed light scenarios, dynamic white balance situations, and low light and mixed light environments. Digital workflow topics will include the use of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom versus Adobe Camera Raw, file formats, file naming, keywording and other editing regiments. The subsequent storage and archive process will also be discussed. Students will process files generated during classes as a hands-on demonstration of workflow.

MAR301 Marketing and Promotion

This course will focus on defining the wedding industry marketplace and current opportunities through an overview of historical, current and potential trends. It will seek to provide an understanding of how to read the marketplace demographics and psychographics through market research and studies. Important sources of continued business will be illustrated in the world-wide web, client referrals, vendor relationships, direct response techniques and other promotional tools. There will be specific emphasis on electronic media, social networking, print advertising/promotion and vendor relationships. Referral based development through clients or vendors will be explained. The importance of branding will be demonstrated. Viral and guerrilla marketing techniques will also be discussed.

WED250 Studio Visitation and Photographic Style

As an overview, the class will visit a working studio and observe the actual process of working with clients from start to finish. The studio owner(s)/ photographer(s) will discuss their business practices and client relationships as well as their workflow processes. The class will welcome guest speakers from the wedding photography industry. They will share their specific style and techniques and will interact with students to answer real-life questions regarding their businesses and client relationships. This discussion of photographic style should serve to illuminate the students’ search and/or clarification of their own artistic styles.

Academy of Art University

Whether you study traditional or digital photography, we help train your artistic eye as you master the camera. You will develop an individual style and leave with an amazing portfolio. As one of the nation’s top photography schools, we train you to be the next top photographer. We offer undergraduate and graduate photography degree programs, online classes, and continuing education.

PH 108: Digital Photography

This course is designed for photography majors. Students receive an introduction to digital photography, gaining a solid foundation in technologies necessary for professional photography. Basic computer skills are required

PH 177: Imaging for Photographers

This course will build on topics from previous semesters and cover more advanced areas inside Adobe Photoshop. The goal of this class is to deepen the student’s understanding of various digital imaging skills and gain more insight related to the powerful needed to expand the creative possibilities.

PH 233: Color Photography

This course will train students in the principles and techniques of color photography. Both technical and theoretical aspects will be discussed in terms of digital workflow. Emphasis is placed on producing precise, metered exposures leading into RAW processing. The use of color as a form of expression in commercial and fine art photography will be explored.

The Art Institute of California

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Photography provides graduates the education and practical experience needed to maintain their marketability in a highly competitive industry that demands increasingly more varied skills and knowledge. The curriculum reflects the continued impact of technology on photography and imaging and prepares students for entry-level industry positions. The program meets its mission by providing students with strong technical skills and knowledge while enabling them to develop sophisticated visions representative of their unique imaging styles. The length of the program is twelve week quarters.

PH1104 – Photographic Design  hide details

This course requires students to demonstrate their ability to define and solve advanced design problems. Students will analyze the characteristics and purposes of various problems and then offer clear and creative solutions for each. The students are expected to communicate ideas using symbolism appropriately.

PH2211 – Portraiture Photography  hide details

Workshops and critiques enable the student to learn basic portrait techniques applicable to general portraiture and consumer, corporate, advertising, and editorial photography. Course emphasis is on classical portraiture with attention given to the use of lighting, posing, and facial view to create a flattering portraiture.

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