As summer rolls around and school lets out, many art students’ thoughts naturally drift to after-school careers.  What exactly can you do with your degree?  You’ve all heard that stereotype about art careers being unrealistic and unprofitable, but don’t let the rumors scare you.  If anything, an art degree grants you incredible flexibility to choose from wide-ranging options in a variety of fields. We’ve done some research into the career opportunities open to students for photography.
Photography Careers
Every photographer works from behind the camera lens, but that’s where the similarities end.  Depending on your focus and your interests, the context of your photography job can take you any number of places, working with any number of subjects. 
Portrait Photography – if arrangement and pre-established poses are your forte, then portrait photography might just be the career for you.  Many photography students choose this path for its relative stability because there is never a shortage of clients searching for family portraits, class photos, or even more eccentric specialties such as pet photography.  Some hire themselves out to large, established portrait studios with impressive client lists and a long reach.  Others open their own businesses straight out of school and work as one-man or one-woman teams.  Portrait photographers can either choose to take their equipment to each job site or ask clients to come into a studio.
Wedding Photography – wedding photographers find a happy balance between static photography and the more dynamic, spontaneous sort.  As a wedding photographer, you’ll be taking plenty of posed shots just like a typical portrait photographer, but most couples also request your service during the ceremony.  You’ll be expected to record events as they happen-it’s your job to commemorate the little things as well.
Freelance Photography – these photographers establish their careers on a job-by-job basis.  You might be snapping shots of a crime scene or a riot for the local newspaper one day, and taking a drive to shoot mountaintop scenery the next.  Each individual job will define precisely what you do as a contract photographer, though most who end up in this field eventually concentrate their efforts around one specialty.  It can be a great way to explore a multitude of photography styles and opportunities while still getting paid.
Fine Art Photography – arguably the most difficult area to break into for a budding photographer, it can be a tough task to get your name out there.  You’ll need drive, energy, ability, and a good deal of luck to start down this path.  Once you establish a reputation, however, this career can be one of the most fulfilling as you make your living by following your artistic impulses.
Even in the midst of this financial crisis, there are options aplenty for those holding an art degree.  Don’t let stereotypes scare you away-with degrees in fields such as photography, graphic design, and fashion merchandising, there really is an incredible amount of versatility that opens up an impressive number of options.  If you have further questions about how to get these valuable degrees, just take a look around at Find Your Art School‘s offerings. 

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