Visual effects is a hotly pursued industry in film making. The jobs this industry creates are well paid but require some in-depth schooling before entering the market. Where can you go to find the education you need to make it in this exciting field? Phoenix has the right schools to fit any students dream of being a visual effects star. They can provide the full extent of training that you will need to succeed. What Does a Phoenix Visual Effects School Offer? A wide variety of skills are needed…to work in visual effects. Often referred to as Visual F/X or VFX, visual effects are a series of processes that create imagery or manipulate imagery outside the context of an actual live shoot. Computer Generated Images, known as CGI, are often placed into live footage. This capability removes the danger of some of these scenes or movies. Visual effects save an enormous amount of time and money for the production companies and studios. A Phoenix visual effects school teaches all the basic skills starting with fundamentals of drawing, fundamentals of design, video camera techniques, lighting techniques, photography, color theory, image manipulation, typography, 3D modeling, 2D animation, videography, storyboarding, sculpture for animation, digital audio, digital video, 2D motion, sound design, production management, conceptual storytelling, post production management, studio, compositing and lots more. Not only do they assist in your education, they help you put together the portfolio you will need to interview. Plus they teach you tips on developing your career. Why Phoenix? Lets start with the most obvious reasons Phoenix should be your choice for a visual effects school. First, Phoenix is just a short plane ride from Hollywood. In fact, many people working in the film and animation fields live in Phoenix and commute to their work in other states, including celebrities, producers, and directors. The opportunity to meet these people is touchable in Phoenix. Second, the climate and culture is easy to fit into and easy to live in. No need to worry about making it through the winter at some of those other art and visual effects schools. You are surround by your peers and have a culture of music and art to live in. Third, many of the agencies that place people in great paying jobs requiring your brand new skills reside in Phoenix. That’s right, your ability to get a job in your field of choice can happen in the same place you are living and possibly before you even get finished with your visual effects training. If you show signs of talent in your chosen field, some times you can begin working in internship positions before you are finished. Available Jobs in Visual Effects The job market in visual effects grows daily. Your choice of jobs depends on what interests you the most. Here are some to follow up on: digital artist, surfacing artist, smoke artist, technical director, modeler, compositor, programmer, motion effects artist, editor. Take a look at what a Phoenix visual effects school has to offer today and find yourself pursuing the visual effects industry tomorrow.

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