Jobs with high demands need not only spring from a university based educational background. Indeed, many people develop and nurture a stable career path stemming from a study program from technical schools. Many of the Phoenix technical school programs offer ideal opportunities for those of practical-minded nature who are ready to set foot in the workplace as soon as possible as opposed to waiting for the a 4 year study in academic based establishments. Many Phoenix technical schools have 2 year and sometimes even shorter educational programmes which can provide an excellent grounding for career development.

Phoenix technical schools offer an expansive and varied list of classes and degree programs, from heating and ventilation through air-conditioning and refrigeration to computer programming, gaming development, visual communications, health care and motor cycle repairs. There is a great range of opportunities and choices of Phoenix technical schools offering not just educational programs but enviable career assistance. There are apprenticeship schemes also offered through the Phoenix technical schools network and many of the trained skilled trades such as bricklayers, locksmiths, motor cycle repair specialists are very much in demand. To produce a detailed and complete list of the Phoenix technical schools, programmes and eventual career paths is prohibitive given the extent and nature of the many technical schools with campuses or online facilities based in Phoenix..

Further areas of expertise that can be created from technical schools in Phoenix:-
Auto mechanics and technology, chef and bar tending, dental nursing and administration, health care solutions, CAD design and technology, ITT networking and security. .

One of Phoenix technical Schools is the Refrigeration School who in 2006 held a record for a 96% success rate with regards to job placements for graduates. Here, they pride themselves on creating a sound learning environment alongside hands-on work experience, preparing the graduate for the commercial world. The range of job opportunities range through buildings maintenance through to project manager and industrial technician.

The path to the hospitality trade is tried and tested through the Phoenix technical schools network. At The Scottsdale Culinary Institute or ACL they treat the student as being the most important person in any school. They have carefully designed their curriculum and understand that in this particular trade an important factor is small class size and appreciate that when students are in a small group they are able to learn better.

ITT Technical Institute is a leading private Phoenix technical school offering technology-oriented and career-focused degree programs, opening up for the student such diverse career paths as gaming technology, computer drafting and design and software engineering.

The Phoenix technical schools all pride themselves on their success rates – meaning not just pass rates but also smoothing the path into sought after and lucrative careers. These Phoenix technical schools focus on portfolio development, with workshops and career counseling programs. Maintaining close links with new and established businesses and past graduates ensures that the graduate from Phoenix technical schools has a smooth transition from career research through to education as well as graduation and job progression.


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