When considering a graphic design school, you need to consider who you are, what strengths you are looking to appropriate and what the career and income frontiers are. Some of the best qualities for a graphic designer can be found with TV shows such as American Chopper and Pimp my Ride . They start by listening to the client, what the ‘end- user’ wants to see, they go through more than one possible finished product and then use their technical skills to complete the project. These are all key aspects of graphic design yet due to the size of this sector, many graphic designers will find themselves concentrating on one aspect, one technical ability , especially in a large corporate setting.

  If you are going to look at one of the technical institutes in the Phoenix area, then are you considering newspapers, and corporate reports. If you enter one of the art colleges,  will the graphic design focus be more story board, 3D digital modelling or an amalgamation of artistic media with graphics thrown in ? These  are the questions and points which you need to ask your self. What is your primary area of interest, what career path are you most interested in following and then how flexible are you prepared to be, web design is a growth area.

 Many entry level jobs require a bachelor’s degree, in a related discipline if not an actual graphic design major but because of the expected growth in demand for these skills, the opportunities for  employment have a strong potential . One of the best places to look is the AIGA site, which covers many topics related to graphic artists and designers throughout  America.

   The Phoenix Art Institute offers a variety of courses in this area, from straight graphic design to game art and design . The latter enables you for graphics on games, television and films  , studying everything from story boards to digital illustration , animation and modelling , whereas the graphic design course is geared more for advertising, logos , and packaging preparing each student for the more corporate  business and enterprise sectors.  Other schools of art and design in Phoenix offer comparable degree courses, but you have to remember a university course is more likely to be widely based, leading to a BA in fine arts. This means any intention you have of focusing on graphics has to be taken as a temporary concentration during the course possibly meaning additional summer study . The more specific and institute courses  are more likely to be intensive graphics  directed towards definite industry goals, so that if you’re sure about what you want to do and where you want to go the specialised course is far more likely to suit  you.

   The rate of unemployment in Phoenix is generally lower than the national average , and bachelor and graduate degree holders expect to earn  double the average income rate as minimum. This is reassuring for any students looking for a course of study , leading to a career with a potentially growing lifespan.  


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