Learn about the great advantages of earning a degree in game design from a Phoenix design school.

The video game industry is rapidly growing, so those who have long nurtured a dream of taking the step up from simply playing video games to actually creating their own video games would be well advised to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in the area of game programming.  Those pursuing a video game design degree have many game design schools to choose from, especially in Phoenix.  These game design schools provide students with game design degrees that have the potential to supply the art and design skills necessary for creating applications for businesses small and large, educational facilities, and entertainment providers.  After a student has received a game design degree from a Phoenix game design school, the graduate will be ready to find a great job in entry level management including but not limited to digital arts, 3D modeler, animation and storyboard management positions, not to mention the obvious positions available as a game designer.

When attending the Bachelor of Science Game Art and Design program, a graduate’s entry into the gaming field becomes easy.  Programs like the Bachelor of Science Game Art and Design allow students to realize, hone, and make use of their personal talents while they learn production and artistic concepts imperative to being a versatile designer with the ability to design applications used not only for entertainment, but for business purposes and instruction purposes as well.  Students are given hands on instruction and are offered and unwaveringly enthusiastic introduction to the world of professional game design by educators who are eager to teach the arts of programming and new idea collaboration while considering and discussing with students the new additions to the ever evolving industry of game design.

The Bachelor of Science degree program is heavily rooted in the introduction of the basics of 3D modeling, art and design, and programming, and students can seemingly effortlessly learn to efficiently build and support real time software models and simulated environments.  A little known fact is that the use of visual simulations is an essential component in scientific research, manufacturing, design, sports training, building design, arcade entertainment, art galleries, and even the military. This means that graduates of Phoenix game design schools are prepared for jobs far outside the reach of basic video game design, and upon leaving they have skills useful in scientific studies, professional sports training, and architecture. 

Courses in computer, art engineering, and computer graphics are accompanied by training in science, math, and other general courses in the Bachelor of Science degree in Visual and Game Programming curriculum. While students are obtaining experience in the creation of modified prototype games, they learn coding and game play strategy, and also get practice working in a team setting and discovering how a group can work together in order to create a product; imperative skills to learn when planning on entering the world of professional game design. After graduating from any of the many affordable programs provided by numerous Phoenix design schools, alumni will be fully equipped to join the world of game design as 3D character modelers, texture artists, character animators and digital artists.


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