Courses in visual effects available in Philadelphia

Do the special effects of The Matrix, Star Wars, Gladiator leave you wanting more? Then the dynamic realm of visual effects is your calling. Visual effects popularly referred to as Visual FX; is now quite essential to enhance the appeal of a movie. Visual FX as a field is a fine blend of art and technology. Visual effects are generally well integrated with the script of any movie and make the impossible look possible on-screen.

Audience demand for innovative thrills and action has greatly increased the demand for visual effects professionals. The various arenas of the post-production industry such as compositing, editing, producing, designing, broadcast graphics require individuals with in-depth knowledge of visual graphics.

A visual effects school refines the passion of an artist and imparts him the technical know-how to turn his creativity into his career. A visual effects program will cover the nuances of color theories, typography, audio-video hardware and software, industry terminologies and compression schemes, creation of professional-level motion graphics, 3D and compositing, legal compliances and team spirit.
On completion of the course the students’ skills are honed in the form of a digital portfolio which showcases him to potential employers.
A Graduate of this program can aspire for entry-level employment positions such as production assistant, assistant designer, visual effects specialist, or broadcast design assistant.

The city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania is truly an artistic city and has the maximum number of public art amongst all the American cities. Visual effects being a form of art, Philadelphia is one of the better bets for a student desirous of pursuing this course. The student population of Philadelphia is the second largest on the East Coast. With the Avenue of the Arts situated here and various artistic clubs there is never a dearth of things to do. A vibrant night life is an added advantage.

Philadelphia is home to the Art Institute of Philadelphia which has one of the most evolved visual effects course. The degree offered by this institute is a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. The curriculum is so designed as to amalgamate various aspects of graphic design, video making, animation, compositing, and sound. The program is well structured commencing with design fundamentals and then moving towards intricate studies.

The visual effects and motion graphics course offered by the Art institute of Philadelphia spans over 12 quarters and requires a student to put in a total of 180 credit hours. Admission to the course is based on academics and individual aptitude. The faculty is committed and the facilities of the Institute are state-of-the-art.

Apart from the Art Institute, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in animation. The course covers digital design, animation and motion design. The Temple University in Philadelphia through its Department of Film and Media Art offers graduate courses involving various post production and other aspects of visual effects and motion graphics.

Having chosen Visual Effects as your academic pursuit make your work your dedication and enjoyment. Someday your work, whether stills or moving images; will be viewed by millions of people world-wide and that will mark the beginning of the journey of your creativity.

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