Find Your Path with Philadelphia’s Interior Design Schools: Learn about what makes Philadelphia Interior Design Schools so great and how to find the one that is a perfect fit for you

Philadelphia Interior Design Schools

Spaces—the world is full of them. From expansive offices to quirky studios to homes of every variety, the spaces that speak to the heart of their occupants were likely designed by imaginative, artistic people. If you believe you could be one of them, interior design school may be perfect for you. Interior designers are aware of the spaces they visit, and they see how to make them better. And a career in design can be lucrative as well as artistically rewarding.

Future designers who live in Philadelphia are in luck. Not only is the area home to the United States’ first art school, Philadelphia interior design schools offer an array of inspiration—think endless exploration of galleries, museums, studios, and historical sites—and a lot of options.

At Philadelphia University, interior design majors get the opportunity to do actual design work in a program where they help redesign the city’s health centers. The school focuses on preparing students to deal with every aspect of design work, focusing on a variety of spaces from corporate environments to public libraries and hotels to homes. The Art Institute of Philadelphia offers two interior design degrees—an associate’s and a bachelor’s. Learn about the history of furniture, drafting, and color theory, and check out the school’s gamut of elective options, including study abroad programs. Located on the Parkway, Moore College of Art and Design, promises to focus on student’s individual creative abilities and notes the wide areas in which their graduates find career homes. Think furniture and set design, interactive design, and sculpture installation, just to name a few. Focus on problem-solving design or visit London when you enroll in Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. Consider human needs and social consequences associated with the field of design at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Career options for design graduates are diverse. Interior designers create public, private, corporate, and commercial environments. They build the spaces we live and work in. They work as teams to imagine creative solutions to meet basic human needs for nonprofit and government groups. In the entertainment industry, designers plan vast and imaginative spaces for people to connect and enjoy themselves. Designers create sets for movies and television programs. They convert spaces that are boring or difficult to use into functional, interesting places. Interior designers are responsible for the buildings in which industry happens.

Interior designers often find homes in related fields such as managing or sales. Those particularly skilled at presenting their ideas lead wide-scale projects. Many designers become full- or part-time educators, imparting their knowledge and experience to the next generation of future designers. 

Whether you’re interested in corporate, commercial, or residential design; teaching; or simply making spaces better, interior design may be the career you’re looking for. In addition to interior design colleges, check out the other design programs Philadelphia’s schools offer like graphic and web design; photography, art, and film; and fashion design. Whatever avenue your creativity and commitment lead you down, Philadelphia interior design schools are a wonderful place to start.

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