Philadelphia Game Design Schools: Gateway to a lucrative career

Start your career today in the high-paying, high-tech world of Game Design

You can turn your love of video games into a lucrative career by getting a degree at a Philadelphia Game Design School. Over the past 20 years the video game industry has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar business. Advances in technology, both in software and hardware, have pushed the creative license of game designers into the realm of high tech art. Now more than ever, the demand for skilled game programming has software developers scrambling to fill their ranks to keep up with consumer needs and expectations. Gone are the days of simple pixel-ated blips bouncing around the screen. The sophistication of game engines, 3-D modeling, animation and technical challenge has consumers thirsting for fresh ideas, more interactivity, and stunning graphics in high definition.

Philadelphia Game Design Schools have risen to the challenge of providing well rounded, skilled game designers to meet he ever increasing void in this high paying, high tech industry. Courses offered at Game Design Schools include; 3-D Animation and Modeling, Game Engine Design, Story-boarding,Character Creation, Level Design, and much more. Specific training is provided for every aspect of gaming from conception to beta testing to marketing the final product. Project Managers are of particular interest to software developers, as they are needed to oversee complex teams of designers, animators, artists and programmers throughout the entire life-cycle of Game Development.

Obtaining a degree from a Philadelphia Game Design School is a gateway into a promising career in both the Private and Public sector. Career assistance offered by many Game Design Schools provides technical talent to software developers such as UbiSoft, Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony, and many others. Branches of the U.S. Military need Game Designers to help develop leading edge technology used in vehicle, aircraft and ground combat simulators. Salaries in the Game Design field begin in the $60,000 range and can be well over $100,000 for Senior Designers, Project Managers and Consultants.

Readily available broad-band internet connectivity has pushed gaming to a whole new level with MMOG (Massively Multi-Player Online Gaming). MMOG Games are topping the charts and setting unprecedented sales records, boasting millions of players worldwide. Web based games have gained immense popularity on social networking sites such a s Facebook and Myspace, allowing huge networks of friends to interact in a variety of entertaining ways. Cell phones are no exception as new games and applications are added every day to I-Phones, Blackberry, and web enabled phones worldwide.  All thanks to the efforts and talents of Game Designers, Web Animators, and Java Programmers.

The expansive universe of gaming has bled over into the entertainment industry as many “Game to Movie” projects have hit the silver screen. Animated movies have surged in popularity as audiences are  “wowed” with high definition graphics, sound and special effects, all stemming from the talents of Game Designers and Animators. Computer generated graphics have allowed movie producers to introduce characters, backdrops, and new worlds that are limited now only by the imagination.

Enroll in a Philadelphia Game Design School and launch a career into the fast paced, ever-changing, and high-paying field of Game Design, Computer Animation, or Web Programming today!

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