In today’s competitive environment, studying at a Philadelphia animation school provides students with much needed advantages.

Whenever prospective college students begin the laborious and exhausting search for tuition funding opportunities, those students become easy to spot.  Over time their hair gets frazzled, they start sporting suitcases under their eyes and their feet drag with dead weight that they just can’t shake off.  This is all the more true for those fun-loving animators who want nothing more than to create little 3-D flying characters that tell us about deals on commercials or that teach kids the alphabet.  Fortunately for these computer savvy creators, Philadelphia animation schools can not only provide superior training and hands-on experiences for students, but can also offer a number of funding options to pay for school.

Philadelphia animation schools, such as The Art Institutes with its Visual Effects and Motion Graphics  program, provide animators not only with knowledge in computer graphics, 3-D environment design and effects scaling programming, but also with skills in partial storytelling, acting visual arts and the requirements of collaborative team environments.  As if this were not enough to make knowledge-hungry students drool in anticipation, these computer graphics schools are also becoming the beneficiaries of new legislation that will help augment their affordability.  Governor Edward Rendell recently stated that the new tuition relief bill will go a long way in making Philadelphia schools more accessible to a wider range of students.  Coupled with the advances being made by the  Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), these tuition policies are making Philadelphia animation schools not only attractive but realizable dreams for future animators and technicians alike.  For instance, the New Economy Technology Scholarships are rapidly expanding their range of eligibility to include more computer- and graphics-centered programs each year.

However, relieving tuition worries is only half of what is making Philadelphia animation schools so attractive to new and upcoming animators.  The local architecture, theaters and galleries all combine to infuse the intertwined campuses and city with constant sources of inspiration.  Philadelphia’s Zoo, museums, parks, restaurants, boulevards and cafés all provide the city and its schools with new stories and experiences to serve as fodder for their creative impulses.  Alongside these permanent features are yearly events such as the Fringe Festival which celebrates new innovations in the arts with public performances and sponsored acts.  Such performances can include experimental art and dance presentations which fluidly blend styles and content with ease.  In the very same venues animators can present their own creations with artistic flair, allowing their 3-D creations to perform for them. All in all, Philadelphia boasts a leading role in producing a significant proportion of the creative workforce in modern America.  The city contains over 80 higher education institutions with over 300,000 students and ranks sixth nationally in its creative and performing arts graduates output.  If there is any place where future animators might find inspiration, kindred spirits and the financial aid and knowledge to enable successful careers, Philadelphia animation schools are the first place they should look. 


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