Getting an education at an advertising school is important to succeed in this field.  Philadelphia is a great place to do that!

There is a large selection of advertising schools and programs in Philadelphia that can help prepare students for a challenging and rewarding career in the advertising field.  These programs offer differing skills and experiences that can give you a leg up as a student wishing to pursue a career in any of the advertising disciplines, such as marketing, promotions or public relations.  It is predicted that employment positions in the advertising industry will experience up to 1% annual growth in 2010 so an education in this field will expand your horizons and allow you to choose the position that is perfect for you.

With today’s competitive employment market, furthering your education in any chosen field will provide multiple advantages when job seeking as well as once placed in a position.  The skills and knowledge gained in an advertising school will provide priceless insight into your chosen industry and prepare you to be the best in your preferred occupation.  Awareness gained both inside and outside the classroom will be invaluable for both your career and your life experience.

Philadelphia is the home of America’s first art school and also the nation’s oldest museum.  The Philadelphia area is rich with history and the arts and is the home to innumerable galleries, museums and studios.  There are several educational options for an advertising related program, including universities, colleges, trade schools and institutes.  Philadelphia has countless alternatives that can be chosen for any of these options.

Each of the above education options for advertising schools offers many advantages to students.  Universities and colleges provide much needed theory, and several give the opportunity to gain real life experience through job placements and apprenticeships.  Trade schools and institutes tend to focus on a hands-on, real world learning experience.  All of these options offer huge benefits to the learner.  Choosing a school and program wisely according to your own preferred learning style and preferences will help you get the most out of your educational life.

Picking the appropriate discipline within advertising is also a key step to succeeding in advertising school.  Marketing is a huge field in our current economy and can encompasses many aspects, such as communications, promotions, public relations, sales and even customer service.  Each of these requires a specific skill set that can be gained through the choice of an appropriate school and program.  Other forms of advertising careers can include on-line advertising and promotions, commercial and website design, illustration, merchandising, or even research.  Of course, advertising and marketing can be more focused to a specific industry of interest if you wish, like fashion or arts marketing.  Explore your own personal interests and most likely you will find something that you enjoy that can be turned into an advertising career that is rewarding and fulfilling.

The benefits of going to an advertising school are countless.  Making the correct choice of which school and program are vital to the future success of your career.  Philadelphia, with its numerous choices of educational facilities and rich arts scene, is a superb choice to attend advertising school.


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