Choosing the best performing arts schools is a very difficult task. There are thousands of schools worldwide and a majority of the deciding factors will be based much on how that person fits into the school’s overall profile. What may be the “best” for one student may not be for another. It is important to look at all of the elements of a school before making a decision.

Good performing arts schools are measured on a myriad of factors such as; location, campus setting, faculty, success of alumni, cost to the student, scholarships available, and extra-curricular activities likes sports and academic clubs.

Another good measure is the presence of a particular art niche in the community that the school is in or near. This will provide students the opportunity to observe and perhaps intern or volunteer. The performing arts is a difficult field to break into and learning the business with a hands on approach will help greatly.

Some schools cost more than others and are more prestigious than others. Some are less expensive or less known but may invariably fit the needs, wants, and desires of a student better. To gauge the differences and understand how well suited a school may be for you it is best to first learn about the quality of the school. Performing Arts schools, just like other learning institutions, have an accreditation process.

The three fundamental things to remember about performing arts school accreditation are: Accreditation is the measuring tool that ensures the quality of the education being given, it also gives the school public recognition based upon meeting certain levels of standards, and it legitimizes a school.

In most countries the colleges and universities are accredited by the government’s Ministry of Education. This makes for a consistent measure by which to endorse a school. However, the United States does not have a federal education minister.

Nonetheless, the US Department of Education is required to publish a list of approved institutions that are recognized accrediting agencies. There are a number of institutions in the US that have been recognized in this way and have taken it upon themselves to ensure a high level of education is being given at schools. These accrediting agencies issue certain requirements that a school must meet before receiving accreditation.

If a person is applying to a foreign performing arts school they should make sure that it is recognized and accredited by the federal education ministry. If applying to a school within the United States than it should be accredited by one of the major agencies, if not then there is probably a reason why. Check out the school’s website, find their accrediting profile and then look up that designation to ensure it is recognized by the Department of Education.

It is a good idea to start a list of “Criteria for My Top Performing Arts School” deciding on which elements are most important to you. Once you have a short list of schools that meet those criteria you will know that you have a starting point to finding your best performing arts school.

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