Many visitors are surprised to learn that Pennsylvania has a rich and active art community.  Philadelphia in particular draws a lot of international attention thanks to the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as the annual Live Arts Festival that attracts performing artists from around the globe.  Pennsylvania Animation Colleges, unlike similar programs across the country, offer students the opportunity to study in an area with an active art scene.

Computer animation students are finding jobs in the film industry making 3D movies, in the field of television media where they are needed for commercial and marketing work, as well as in the video game industry where design teams use computer animation and stop motion technology.  Students are encouraged to develop a strong portfolio while pursuing their bachelor’s degree in animation to make them competitive employees in the job market.  With all of the art-based projects and events taking place in Pennsylvania, local students are able to get internships and do volunteer work to supplement their schooling with hand-on experience.

Pennsylvania animation colleges offer targeted programs in Entertainment Design, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, and Media Arts & Animation.  You can either enroll part-time to earn a certificate that will supplement previous schooling, or you can obtain an Associates or Bachelor’s degree.  The Creative Group in West Chester, PA is currently looking to hire a multimedia designer with expertise in Flash animation, and The Art Institute in Pittsburgh has several faculty positions open.  These incredible career opportunities are unique to Pennsylvania, which gives local animation students a leg up when it comes to entering the job field.

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