Many people on leaving high school are considering more carefully their further education options and many are choosing to attend technical schools instead of studying for a university degree. There are many reasons for this :- the job market is changing dramatically with the advancement of technology and the majority of available positions are more specific to those who have taken technical school courses. In addition, a technical school qualification can be achieved in under 2 years making it a far more attractive prospect than a 4 year university degree.

Paying for Technical School

The cost of paying for technical school courses can range from anywhere between $1000 and $10,000 and this can often be a stumbling block for a student who might simply take the easy option of going straight from high school into an unskilled position. Of course, some students may be in the fortunate position whereby their parents will have prepared financially for paying for their children’s technical school course. It might be that they are in a position to take out a loan or may even have insurances that will cover paying for the technical school course and this initial investment in a secure career path is ultimately well rewarded with the job stability that this type of education program can provide.

Families with Low Incomes

Of course there are many who will have difficulty with paying for technical school – not just the courses, but also the cost of equipment and living costs as well. Here are a few ideas for those who might need to look at alternatives to paying for technical school.

Some courses may be work based study programs which means that a living can be earned at the same time. This often means that the company (as in for instance an apprenticeship scheme) is not only responsible for paying for the technical school course but pays a wage as well.

State funded grants.

Many courses can be funded by the state in which the student is resident. This often carries the advantage of the student being able to remain at home with parents and reduce living costs by around $6000. The state will often help with paying for technical school costs as well as equipment.

Integrated and On-Line Courses

Some study courses may be part time which means that the student may be able to work full time at the same time as studying. On-line courses are a cheaper option in any case and these can be fitted in at the student’s convenience meaning that they can work from home and also take on full or part time employment in order to help with paying for the technical school.

There are further options for the student who has no choice but to attend a technical school away from the state of residency. Many of the technical schools offer part employment opportunities such as cleaning and maintenance so that students give some of their time in return for paying for their education.

Many businesses and agencies (such as the military) will give assistance to employees with paying for their children’s technical school education. Particularly if it leads to a child following in the parent’s footsteps and ultimately working with the company or agency.

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