If you are considering a career in the area of still imagery, you are sure to find just what you are looking for at Patchogue Photography Schools.  Having decided where to develop and/or hone your skills behind the lens you now have a number of different selections from which to choose.

Even if you consider yourself to be a die hard fan of the classic images of the black and white film photography, you will still get plenty of opportunity to try your hand at the latest digital, filmless picture taking at the Patchoque Photography Schools.  You may even discover that you can accomplish the same look and feel of those old photos and gain the results that attract you to them to start with using the convenience of digital technology.

Whether you are shooting still life or full speed sports there are certainly significant differences between the appropriate resolution, shutter speed, etc. to use.  The exemplary staff at the Patchoque Photography Schools pride themselves on not only knowing all of the ins and outs of various types of photography and what is needed for each but on their skills and patience to teach it to those eager to learn.

Where in the world would you like to practice your shutterbug skills.  Either with field expeditions or using backdrops and other such creative methods you can expect opportunities to visit anywhere in or outside the world when you attend Patchoque Photography Schools.  With expeditions changing as frequently as the years, you never know what opportunities might await you each semester.

Do you crave that hands on feel of physically creating pictures or do you just long to experience the process used before the digital age?  Whichever it is you will get your chance with film development classes held in the state of the art darkrooms at Patchoque Photography Schools.  You’ll see and use the chemicals necessary to take photos from their place on the negative strip to the beautiful photos we all love to see.  And, at some point, you may even get to handle the frustration of having someone open the door at just the wrong time to destroy your work.  This will also certainly give you the opportunity to demonstrate your anger management abilities.

With the beautiful rolling hills and nearly limitless variety of vegetation and wildlife making it’s home on the campuses and all around them, you will never fear for lack of worthy imagery on which to develop your photography skills at the Patchoque Photography Schools.  If you opt for majestic, one hundred year old trees or tiny budding saplings, regal twelve year old bucks or newborn fawns, awe inspiring eagles or grotesque vultures, magnificent sunshine or ominous thunderclouds, each day opens with new and unexpected sources from which to draw your inspiration.

As you can see, there really are no wrong decisions in which options you choose to study and eventually follow with your new career in photography, as long as the first decision you make is choosing Patchoque Photography Schools.


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