Patchogue’s best Multimedia and Web Design school

To be a self-proclaimed graphic artist it requires more than just a burning passion.  In today’s demanding world for artists one must be able to adapt and remain resilient to the radical changes that occur in society whether it regards new technological innovations, or new trends and influences.  Each Graphic Artist must reach demanding deadlines, maintain excellent time management skills, and compose good business or sales skills.  If you are an aspiring Graphic Artist who wants easy access to the vivacious New York City, but long for a quieter learning and multimedia environment, Patchogue New York may be the right place for you.  It is no doubt that one can feel overwhelmed when one is school browsing for personal motives that reward financial income, lifestyle, and recognition satisfaction.  That is why a web design school such as Briarcliffe is the right choice for your future Graphic Arts career.

After graduation at Briarcliffe College you can be sure to launch a career that provides many beneficial aspects for your personal motives whether it regards financial means, recognition, promotion, or confidence in the Graphic Arts world.  For the antsy apprehensive individual who seeks a degree in less than two years in order to get a head start in the workforce, the Associate in Applied Science degree is a must.  In addition to the degree, it offers a specialization in web design.  This degree is the basic stepping stone to reach entry-level positions in design or a multimedia firm.  This program breaks down the student’s personal previous artistic habits in order to build up and enhance new basic drawing, designing, and typographic techniques to construct answers to graphic problems.  Then the student is immersed in specific concentrations like digital imaging, computer illustrations, and interactive media in order to amplify his or her educational experience.  In addition, portfolio classes are required in order to critically prepare students for the Graphic Arts workplace.  Insightful experiences are gained when one chooses Briarcliffe. 

Students will learn artistic expression both historically and culturally.  In addition, other areas of study include: digital rendering, typography layout, and prepress.  Knowledge about arts industries is vital; he or she will learn about the business principles about the  media techniques using web and motion graphics.  63 credits are required.  Some exciting courses include: History of Graphic design, Interactive web design, Interactive survey of designing concepts, or Intro to Macintosh/Power PC. 

Then there is the four year degree.  The Bachelors of Fine Arts Graphic Design which is for individuals who want to perfect his or her Graphic Artist abilities.  This requires 129 credits.  Inevitably this degree offers more than the Associate in Applied Sci. degree, for it includes some core liberal Arts courses and an Art history course.  Nonetheless, it offers interesting and practical courses like 2D/3D dimensional design, Collegiate learning and Cognitive development, visual communication, 3D illustration, 3D animation, Page layout I, II, and III, and much more. 

These degrees are rewarding, for many graduates find themselves in a career such as an Art director, Audio/Video specialist, Back round Artist, Digital Colorist, Digital Composer, Content Developer, Web Editor, HTML Programmer, Flash designer, Content Coordinator, Environment Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Photo Imagist, Media Designer, Marketing Director, and much more.  This world is in demand for more right-brained thinkers and we can surly conclude that the Graphic Arts workforce is easily included.            


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