If you have career goals that include becoming a graphic artist then your search is over. Briarcliff College in Patchoque, New York.is only a click away. Patchogue Graphic Design degree programs should be your next stop. Patchogue is a diversified college with two degree programs for the graphic arts. One is the Associate in Applied Science in Graphic Design and the other being Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Patchogue College was founded on the principles that stand above other colleges with their efforts in creating the climate of contributing to each student’s personal growth and career goals. That, plus their credo of providing for students, a foundation for a lifetime of learning, hardly compares to other colleges.

Graphic arts degrees have advanced from the small scope of designing, to learning industry current technology and applications and business knowledge. These learned skills combined with creative lifetime artistic skills, will turn the serious designer into the world of graphic design. Patchogue Design Degree Programs are your ticket to the type of world you’ve always dreamed of. Finally, you’ll be able to focus those artistic talents you’ve always known you had, and turn those talents into a viable career. Patchogue’s Graphic Design Degree Programs are just as student focused as the other degree programs at Patchogue College.. They help to bring the graphic artist in you, to your fullest, most creative potential. Whether you only have time for an AA degree in graphic arts or the full BFA in graphic design, Patchoque College at Briarcliff, should be your only choice for this creative career.

Have you ever just picked up a box of cereal or a bag of chips and wondered, who did all the artwork. That artwork was probably the work of a graphic artist. Just imagine the world of advertising, coming to your for ideas for their next product. Yep, it could be you.

Graphic design can be used in the world of magazines, advertisements, product packaging and web design, but don’t stop there. Logo’s of all kinds are needed with almost every business whether it be online or on a t-shirt, look around you, you will see graphic art everywhere. From its humble beginnings as print making (lithography) to all of the typography, page layout and visual arts techniques are all part of this interesting career. Most people don’t have the born talent it takes to exist in the world of graphic artist, but if you have that talent, consider yourself lucky and contact the Patchogue Graphic Arts program to get a heads up on one of the most creative careers you will ever find. Given the proper tools of the trade, the learned skills of composition, color, shape and material, and you can become a highly sought after graphic artist. This lucrative career field has been exploding in the last decade, don’t be left out. Call today to the Briarcliff College in Patchogue to find out how you can become involved in graphic design program next semester. What are you waiting for?

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