Digital Entertainment and Game Design degree at Patchogue Game Design Schools

Patchogue is located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Patchogue game design schools offer courses in game design and game production. Video game designers develop the concept, layout and programming for a video game.

Video game designers complete courses in computer graphic interface, simulation programming and animation and are not limited to designing computer games. Many game designers go on to successful careers in creating Fortune 500 websites, developing programs and services for WiFi and Bluetooth devices, film, TV, other multimedia production industries and of course game design and game production..

The skills acquired at the Patchogue game design schools are taught by professionals that actually work in the digital entertainment and game design field. The labs and classrooms on campus are equipped with state-of-the-art industry technology allowing students to learn the cutting edge skills they need to have in order to deal with real-world conditions.

Graduates of the Patchogue game design schools earn a degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design and are armed with the combination of hands-on-training, technical skills and the business savvy needed to compete in today’s global market along with access to career services such as resume and portfolio building.

The digital gaming field is an industry that is quickly expanding and because it is not limited to just video games the Digital Entertainment and Game Design field has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone. With the ever growing sophistication and popularity of computer games, the industry is always in need of new game designers across the United States.

The Patchogue game schools are located about one hour outside of Manhattan and has one of the best shopping districts on Long Island with a number of retail shops, banks, numerous restaurants and business offices in order to serve people from all professions, lifestyles and social backgrounds. In addition Patchogue also has a 1200 seat theater, Churches of most denominations and Synagogues established in the community. The Patchogue River provides service to numerous commercial water vessels, small water craft and private yachts and is one of the largest rivers on Long Island. The Patchogue River and natural harbor have supported the Village of Patchogue for the past 100 years and has helped the village become a modern self-contained community.

The Village also provides Ferry Service to Fire Island, transportation hub with the Long Island Railroad, Bus Service, connections to all major highways and a regional airport. The Village of Patchogue also has a very extensive recreation program that is available to men and women of all ages that includes a municipal pool, athletic fields, tennis court and a large park on the Patchogue shore front.

The Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, located east of Patchogue, provides the community with a facility that houses dialysis treatment, hospice care, home care and many other functions. The community’s security is provided by the Sulffolk County Police Department and the Public Safety Department.  For over 125 years the Patchogue Fire Department has provided service to the community and is located in downtown Patchogue.


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