New York will always be firmly cemented with Hollywood both on and off screen, the students of today will be the key players of tomorrow.

We could easily be fooled into thinking Hollywood is a world within itself and all encompassed by the people in it, but New York and Patchogue film schools have their parts to play on the world stage too.  California first comes to mind when we think of film and those pursuing a career in that field, though New York is one of the preferred destinations for established film makers and up and coming film makers alike.  Many wish to attend one of New York’s prestigious schools.  Schools in Patchogue, Long Island have an excellent reputation in producing well rounded actors, directors, and all those behind the scenes in this growing industry.  In today’s climate the demand and need for fresh and innovating cinematographers is at a premium and there are many choices where the next budding Hitchcock can study.  One such place is Patchogue, named after the Patchogue Indians who resided there and aptly means patches of water.  So why New York?

New York is home to the The New York Film Academy which offers training and seminars from the best in the business including famous names in all fields of the arts.  Their credo is to learn by doing opposed to years of laborious study and to apply that knowledge there and then.  Students at Patchogue film schools have the great advantage of having established directors, actors and names in the industry as their tutors. What better way to learn all aspects of film than from those already at the top of their game, students are inspired and learn the tricks of the trade from the elite!  In testament to New York’s film schools reputations actors and directors such as Steven Spielberg, Peter Bogdonavich, Pierce Brosnan, and Susan Sarandon have sent their children to study there.  Simply being based in New York is source for the creative mind, having influences around every corner and access to some of the greatest arts and cultures in the world.

Of course there is more to offer at Patchogue than those striving to make the next big Hollywood blockbuster.  Many will specialize in art house films that are enriched and inspired by the life energy that is New York itself.  Others will pursue the still cinema “photography”, documentary, animation, musical theatre and so on.  Students will become involved with world cinema and many will remain in New York, after all like they say once you come you wont want to go back.

Graduates of these schools and even those who don’t will all have gained a wealth of hands on experience and contacts within the industry.  They will go on to create the movies, documentaries, stage shows, and of course teach the next generation the magic of film.  Many will make the pilgrim quest to the hills of Hollywood becoming household names, keeping cinema fresh and vibrant for us all.  New York will always be firmly cemented with Hollywood both on and off screen, the students of today will be the key players of tomorrow.  And just like those before them (and those yet to come) they will go from student to master on their return to New York and Patchogue film schools.


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