Patchogue, NY has a population of approximately twelve thousand and is sandwiched in between Long Island and New York City.  The beauty of Patchogue is not only its quaint under populated, New England setting, but also its access to one of the most popular cities in the world, New York, New York.  It is not merely the access to the city as much as what the city and its surrounding Burroughs have to offer:  diverse cuisines, diverse cultures, and diverse customs and education.  An epicenter of variety would be a clear choice for anyone seeking an education and if he or she is interested in some of the most historical fields of study, such as architecture, then there is certainly a home there.  Due to the location of Patchogue, even the schools in nearby cities, including the big one, can be considered Patchogue architecture schools.

Just down the road and noted as one of the oldest architectural programs in the area is Farmingdale State College.  Farmingdale can certainly be called a Patchogue architecture school and has a well known Department of Architectural and Construction Management that is accredited by the TAC, Technology Accreditation Commission, and ABET, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.  Career opportunities for students graduating from this department have found careers ranging from Architecture, Engineering, and Surveying to Building Inspector, Facilities Management, and Building Fields.  Their internship program consist of ninety hours, an accumulation of three credits, and offers the students plenty of experience in architectural, construction, or engineering firms as well as corporate facilities, departments, and town planning and building departments.   Farmingdale offers a B.S. in Architecture and a five year degree program along with a post graduate M. Arch program.

A Patchogue architecture school can also be in the big city such as the Pratt Institute which has the ninth ranked Architectural Undergraduate program in the country according to magazine Design Intelligence.  Pratt Institute offers a Masters of Architecture degree as well, and both programs are recognized by the NAAB, National Architectural Accrediting Board.  One of the benefits of being a student at Pratt would be Pratt’s Center for Community Development, PICCED, a community assistance organization which gives students opportunities for hands-on projects.  Pratt is further known for its internship programs, helping students get a head start into public agencies, New York architectural firms, and even non-profit design centers.  Pratt’s study abroad program, which should be offered by any Architectural College, takes students to Rome and France, areas of some of the most famous and diversity rich architectural landmarks in the world.

New York City itself is one of the largest cities in the United States and the world and with that comes a most complex and dynamic urban and city planning forum imaginable.  Any architectural student would strive to spend as many credit hours as possible in just one of their architectural firms or planning departments.  Patchogue, New York gives the student accessibility and opportunity in the world of big city architecture, an area that no future architect should be without.


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