There are many benefits to learning Animation in the Patchogue area of New York. The average slalary is the least of them.

People hoping to pursue an animation major in the area of Patchogue, NY, are in luck, because Briarcliffe College offers a Graphic Design major, the closest to animation in that area. The school is a prestigious one, and the campus is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but conveniently close to several major airports, including John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia. Students will get plenty of personal attention from professors and a close-knit community atmosphere, as well as access to the rush of urban life from nearby cities.  Small classrooms and career-oriented courses give students a leg up on their competition from other colleges, while also helping to build their professional networks. Briarcliffe also helps students build their portfolios before they graduate, giving them an edge in the job market. The nationally accredited institution would look good on any resume.

Graduates of this school can hope to hold a variety of positions with their hard-earned degrees.  Storyboard artists, layout artists, graphic designers, background artists, animator’s assistants, special effects artists, digital animators, and many others make use of the same degree. The state of New York is quickly rising in the number of animators it employs, and since 3D animation is a rising star among animation careers, it is a perfect place for Briarcliffe graduates to star their careers. It also doesn’t hurt that the average salary for someone with an animation major is upwards of $58,000.

To succeed in this career path, a student must possess several qualities that are essential to success. The most important is artistic ability. Despite most of today’s animation being done on computers, an animator must still be able to draw out his or her idea on paper, as well as be able to come up with the idea in the first place. Also essential is storytelling ability. To succeed in animation, a person must have a good sense of pacing and know how to make their characters behave realistically. They must be believable to be successful. From emotional expression to body language, the animator must make them convincing. Working well in groups is a skill necessary in most careers, and barely deserves mention. Taking the advent of the computer age into account, the ability to deal with computers and various animation programs is an inescapable requirement.

If the aforementioned skills are present, then triumph awaits the animator. It all begins with the school, however. Graduates of Briarcliffe College will be well-prepared to face the challenges before them. Animators graduating from Briarcliffe will be adept at drawing storyboards and creating models; designing animated environments complete with backgrounds, sets, and objects; designing characters; creating frames; working out the timing of movements and matching them to the script and soundtrack; using computer software like Flash, Maya, and Lightwave; working as part of a team; and working with clients. They will be persuasive, talented, well-educated, and well-connected by the time they graduate. The preparation they receive in college will prepare them to succeed and thrive in the world beyond campus. It can all begin with a school in Patchogue, NY.


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