Ozarks tech colleges provide degree and certificate programs in general education, business, technical and applied health, and more. Both two-year associates programs and one-year certificate programs are available in each academic area. In addition to a post-secondary curriculum, an Ozark tech college can also run an adult education and literacy program designed to prepare students for college coursework. With campuses located throughout the Ozarks area, such as in Springfield, Missouri, these schools often offer courses through both online and classroom-based learning environments.

Coursework within the general education degree and certificate programs help to provide students with an overall foundation for developing marketable job skills. These programs cover a broad range of studies, some of which include economics, communication, natural science, mathematics, and the humanities. Students considering a general education path can choose to major in biology, physical science, and social science or one of the humanities options, such as criminal justice, psychology, or education.

Coursework offered through Ozarks tech colleges’ business programs prepare students for careers in accounting, business and marketing, and business technology. Students entering into the allied health area can choose from a range of majors, some of which include nursing, dental hygiene, health information technology, and physical therapy. Technical degree and certificate programs span agriculture, graphic design technology, and auto collision repair as well as several other certificate training specialties. Many of the programs offered through Ozarks Tech College, for example, provide students with hands-on experience within their field of study. Programs such as the machine tool technology and welding technology degrees include practical applications as part of the course curriculum, which allows students to apply course learning in a real-world environment.

The Adult Education and Literacy Program, or AEL, caters to students in need of high school refresher training. This line of coursework helps students prepare for GED exams as well as basic preparation for college coursework. The AEL program works together with local school districts to provide free educational training for local community residents. Other lines of study within the AEL program provide educational training for students with hearing disabilities, literacy tutoring, and coursework that teach English as a second language.

Online learning programs at any Ozarks tech college are usually available in two forms. Students can opt to take all of their courses online or select the hybrid option, which combines both online and classroom learning. The online option does require one proctored exam to be taken at a location of the student’s choice. Online courses are offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Classroom time for hybrid courses generally amounts to a maximum of 70% of the entire course content with the other 30% attended via the internet. Actual dates and times for classroom time varies from course to course and are made available prior to registering for courses. Students with full-time jobs or family obligations can benefit from the flexibility offered through online curriculum at Ozarks tech schools, while students desiring some face-to-face interaction with their instructors may be more comfortable with the hybrid option.

With the variety of program offerings available through Ozarks tech colleges, students can get the type of education and training needed for career advancement and success within the workplace.

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