Pursuing Visual Arts in the Orlando Area

Are you a interested in gaming, graphic design and computer animation, all while enjoying year-round sunshine? You may want to consider Orlando visual effects schools.

A good visual effects program should offer a framework of several major industry areas such as animation, motion capture, character modeling, and set design.  Among other things, a wide curriculum means that you will be prepared for all aspects your future career may have to offer, not just your most comfortable specialties .  Keep in mind that while you are doing all these things, you are adding to your portfolio. A good portfolio in addition to a diploma will make placement in the visual effects field upon graduation a less challenging task for you. 

Many people who go into visual effects schools are artists with their own styles already.  Making the transition to visual effects from other 2D and 3D design methods can be hard, but experienced faculty will be able to guide you through the process. On the other hand, many students are gaming and effects enthusiasts that wish to see how the whole process works. The background knowledge the right program can give you will open doors to new technologies and cutting edge effects.  Orlando offers an ideal environment to experiment with both, and in addition provides a colorful and rich environment in which to create. Inspiration is plentiful here, with an ever changing palette of things to see and do.  Museums, people watching, cultural events, visiting the coasts or a natural park can spark the kind of creativity that can drive your goals for years to come.  

Visual effects schools turn out successful graduates in a number of fields.  Being an animator or a visual effects supervisor are only the two most obvious choices! Set design, marketing, video game design and graphic arts fields are also looking for quality visual effects graduates. Visual effects school also opens up new opportunities at emerging studios, or the option of starting a studio with your classmates.  The school will often have speakers come in to give lectures about different areas of the business and enlighten students on the traditional and the non-traditional career paths. Because Orlando houses so many major film studios, you have the option of exploring many of the professional careers in person before you graduate!

In choosing a school, look for programs that have internships with large companies in your specialty, and faculty that have experience in the field.  Look at the facilities of all the school and how the students and faculty utilize them.  Look into guest lectures and student projects. If the school offers a student film night, attend to see what the students have accomplished. Take school tours, visit open houses, and ask lots of questions. Make a budget for tuition, and see if your school of choice offers financial aid. Make sure you feel comfortable with all the factors involved, from the facility to the faculty to the financial aspects. Research is the key to choosing the right school in this very rewarding field.

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