Oracle database administrators manage Oracle server upgrades and monitor user access to the database. They may also perform data recovery tasks and develop document database architecture and security. Oracle administration training programs require courses in basic SQL database systems and data manipulation statements. Other Oracle courses will include administration basics, installing grid infrastructure, database troubleshooting, and storage protocol, data recovery, flash technologies, and how to utilize the recovery manager feature. PL/SQL language courses prepare students to write blocks of application code to debug database systems, trigger jobs, and schema objects. Upon completion of the Oracle administration training program, certificates are awarded to students that pass the certification exam. Oracle administration certificates ensure expertise with Oracle products and databases, and can strengthen a resume when combined with computer engineering or networking degrees.

Oracle administrators may work in a variety of settings, including various businesses, financial and educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Almost every organization relies on data storage solutions, and certified Oracle administrators may work as database administrators, software programmers, application designers, or information technology consultants. Oracle administration is available at multiple levels, and each successive level can increase earning potential. Associate-level certifications require passing two exams and prior work experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for database administrators are expected to grow 29% through 2016, which is almost twice the rate for all occupations, and individuals with work experience, Oracle certification, and two or four-year degrees.

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