Visual Effects Schools Offering to Teach Students Online

Visual media is embellished through image technology in the hands of inspired artists.  Training in visual effects is now just a click away for the busy, self-motivated student in the comforts of home.

Moviegoers today experience films on an entirely different level than they did just two decades ago.  Visual effects, like computer-generated imagery (CGI), have been seamlessly added to blockbusters since the late 1980s to bring the camera’s footage more in line with the depths of the viewer’s imagination.  Like so many of the graphics themselves, the study of visual effects is now computer-based as well.
 Numerous schools across the country offer visual effects training, and many have taken their classes to the World Wide Web.  Given this trend toward Web-based education, no time is better than now to gain the wealth of knowledge that anyone in the field of visual media can apply to their work.  Novice students can learn the foundational skills to get a foot in the door of an exciting new career while practicing artists have the opportunity to hone their skills and attain new levels of understanding and achievement in their work.  Most important to many potential students is the unique ability to invest in their personal capital from the comforts of home, freed of geographical limitations – a student New England can receive instruction from a teacher and school on the Pacific Coast.  Time also becomes a lesser factor as the next class session sits available online for viewing at the student’s convenience, and no time needs to be considered for commute.  No rigid school schedule will interfere with work, family, or other personal commitments.
 Individual courses can vary greatly, from the introduction of basic graphic concepts to very detailed explorations of the specific computer programs used in visual effects generation.  Programs are available for those seeking all levels of qualification: from non-degree coursework to certificate, diploma, associates, bachelors, and master degrees in fine arts.  Degree programs provide students with practical knowledge and experience, and there are virtually limitless possibilities for graduates.  An example of this is seen with The Academy of Arts Institute, which has an online division and claims that all students graduate with stunning demo reels while some of their most successful alumni have worked on popular feature films or been hired by top companies like Pixar and Sony.
 Practicing visual effects artists – like other fine artists – are free to be incredibly creative in their work and use sophisticated technology to solve problems.  Numerous job titles exist over a wide range of specialties, an employment scene that should be attractive to those with diverse interests.  Among the particular disciplines employed are animatronics, still matte paintings, management of live-action effects, and digital animation.  Work can be done individually or will often be accomplished by a team of collaborators, and the work has the potential to reach millions of viewers by visual media pathways.  Most importantly, the challenging nature of the field results in very satisfying senses of accomplishment for those who work to see a commercial, scene, or film through to completion.  A great deal of ambition and desire will be required to reach the highest level of the profession, but the ability to turn dream to reality is precisely the business of visual effects.

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