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When deciding on college and a future career, you have many decisions. For those that would like to study at home, an online degree is the way to go. Deciding on what to do with a degree from an online industrial design school can be filled with many different choices.
Industrial design by definition is an applied art where the aesthetics and usability of mass produced products may be improved for marketability and production. As an Industrial Designer you would be required to create designs and solutions for problems arising in a product such as form, usability, ergonomics, engineering, marketing and brand development, not to mention sales.
An Industrial Designer is a cross between an engineer and an artist. An Industrial Designer isn’t just limited to the design of the product. The Industrial Designer is also part of the sales team, part of the marketing team. You work hand-in-hand to make sure the product that you have designed is the best possible product for the consumer.
Some Industrial Design career opportunities available with your new degree are:
• Product Designer
• Toy Designer
• Furniture Designer
• Transportation Designer
• Automobile Designer / Car Designer
Graphic and Industrial Design Fundamentals, Basic Industrial Design Studio I & II, Computer Imaging in the Design Process, Contemporary Manufacturing Processes I & II, Professional Practice in Industrial Design, Intermediate Industrial Design Studio Series, Ideation I & II, Advanced Industrial Design Studio Series, Advanced Digital Design Processes, Human-Centered Design


• Designer – environmental, exhibition, industrial, interaction, marine, package, product, prop, signage, toy and user experience

• Functional designer for household products, housewares, consumer electronic products, recreational equipment, transportation, scientific instruments or medical equipment

The courses are designed to hone the student’s mastery of industrial design materials, developmental drawing, 3D Model-making and construction practices. Students will have the access to the latest state-of-the-art model making shops and 3D Modeling systems and learn how to use them.  The course will prepare students in problem solving and high-level technology while being exposed to the design and business worlds in which they will eventually begin working. 

Career Opportunities for Industrial Degree graduates:

• Automotive Designers
• Corporate Design Managers
• Industrial Designers with consulting firms
• Toy Designers
• Sports & Recreational Equipment Designers
• Furniture Designers
• Entertainment Industry
• Software Industry
• Museums

There are many corporations that you can work with; many of them are very well-known.  Companies such as:

• Procter and Gamble
• Target
• Universal Instruments
• Fisher Price
• Estee Lauder
• Nike
• Fox Racing
• Audi
• General Motors
• Mazda
• Black and Decker
• Samsung
• New Deal Design
• Steelcase
• Hyundai

A great way to get some much needed experience before you start out as a professional Industrial Designer is to get an internship. Many companies routinely will hire on interns to help them gain experience in their future profession, but it also allows them a chance to be able to gain prospective employees. Your school of choice may have a co-op or an agreement with certain companies to place interns for the summer months.

According to national statistics the low end salary for someone starting off in Industrial Design is around $41,000 a year. Job outlook is good for graduates with an industrial design degree and outsourcing of these jobs is becoming more popular as companies move their factories overseas but still want to hire in the United States. CAD operators are in demand and bring in a good salary.

Schools to check out:

Prospects are great for anyone deciding to go into Industrial Design and there are plenty of schools that offer online degrees in Industrial Design. Good luck in your new career!

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