You’ve probably heard that all work and no play can be a dangerous combination. But what if your work is play? Imagine an exciting, challenging career in which you get paid to design and test video games. If you’ve ever considered a job in the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry, then you should know that this dream can be a reality, especially given the increasing availability of online game design colleges

 Online game design colleges are basically what they sound like—educational institutions offering game design programs that can be accessed via an Internet connection from the comfort of your own home. Online education often allows you to work at your own pace, and many game design programs are accelerated, which means you can get your Bachelor’s Degree in just three years! Additionally, many of these institutions offer financial aid packages to help offset the cost of higher education.

 These days, more and more people are opting for the convenience of online education, and as the online education industry expands, so do the options available for the online student. The list of online universities that offer training in the booming field of game design is ever-growing. This list includes the familiar names of well-known institutions such as the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and ITT Technical Institute, as well as popular online colleges like DeVry University. Some of these institutions are even exclusively devoted to digital media arts like video game design; for example, the Florida-based Digital Media Arts College.

 In today’s highly competitive job market, specific job training can give an applicant the necessary edge to appeal to companies in your preferred industry. The programs offered by the institutions listed above are designed to give you the opportunity to build a set of practical skills that will be useful for a career in the gaming industry, and there is a wide range of areas of concentration to choose from. Whether you’re a creative thinker bursting with ideas for games, a tech whiz with a flair for programming, or a goal-driven gamer with a thirst for knowledge, online courses from an institution of higher learning can be the perfect way to jumpstart your gaming career. Some programs, like the Game Art and Design program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, focus more on the artistic and visual side of game design, giving you the opportunity to learn to design game play, characters, and their environments. Alternately, a Bachelor’s Degree in Game and Simulation Programming from DeVry University is geared more towards those with an interest in the technical side of game design, and prepares students for careers as programmers and software engineers.

 However, game design programs aren’t only useful for careers in the gaming industry. These programs can also provide you with a solid background in areas like basic principles of art and design, applied physics, interactive multimedia, and computer programming, all of which are skill sets that can easily translate into other professional areas. If you’ve ever dreamed of pursuing a career in the gaming industry, or even just learning more about how games are conceived and designed, then you are among those who can benefit from today’s great availability of online game design programs.

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