Online animation colleges provide education for the more creatively inclined. With so many online animation colleges available, education in this field is an achievable goal.

A standard, nine to five desk job filing papers and fiddling with numbers does not appeal to everybody. For the more creative at heart, there is always a will to do something more spectacular; to be able to push the boundaries of the imagination; to explore new dimensions of color, artistry, light and movement. The common misconception is that in order to pursue such a dream job one would need a substantial nest egg to splash out on an expensive three or four year college degree. The good news here is that over the last few years online animation colleges have begun to sprout up on the internet, offering people the chance to expand their creative boundaries, get a degree and find a job that they will love.

In the words of Norman McLaren, “Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” This is the quote that should never stray from the back of your mind as you embark on your journey through one of the many fantastic online animation colleges that lurk on the web. Remembering this will enable you to view your work from an animator’s perspective and not from the perspective of a lost student.

In general, online animation colleges will offer courses that teach you to conceptualize and develop original ideas for animations and cartoons. You will be taught life drawing and rendering techniques that will enable you to create characters, backgrounds and storylines. Once you have mastered the basics you will move on to slightly more challenging tasks such as the creation of two dimensional and three dimensional animations and characters designed for the web, television, software and movies.

Online animation colleges teach their students to utilize the laws of motion and physics in the animation process. You will learn how to create realistic and believable motion for your animated characters – at the end of your course you will have learned the absolute finest techniques to create flawless movement. Of course, no animation is complete without sound and so you will also gain knowledge of how to integrate audio and visual effects into your own digitally animated masterpiece.

Students who pursue degrees at online animation colleges will find a whole range of job opportunities waiting for them at the end of their courses. There are always jobs available in broadcast design, game design, simulations, web design, film effects, location based entertainment and so much more. Once you have completed a program at an online animation college, a world of opportunities opens itself for you. Of course, nothing can be achieved without persistence so you need to keep your head above water and be prepared for hard work, patience and self discipline.

Online animation colleges provide you with the tools needed to begin your career. The rest is up to you. Once you have completed your course it may be a good idea to practice what you have learned and create an animation reel or two that can be used to assess your skills. A few projects on subjects that interest you might also be a good idea. These extra animation projects can be used by prospective employers to take a look at what you have to offer.

If a career in the animation industry seems like a dream come true to you, you can start following that dream today by simply having a look at what some of the online animation colleges near you have to offer.

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