Labor Omnia Vincit, Oklahoma State’s motto since 1907, is Latin and means Labor Conquers All Things.  Fast forward 102 years later the motto stands true with Oklahoma’s growing economy and opportunities for art students.

Oklahoma Art Schools offer several degree programs, which lead students into the direction of pursuing career aspirations in creative areas such as photography, filmmaking, graphic design, and interior design.

Photography school is one segment of Oklahoma Art Schools that allows those who have passion for capturing their art through photograph the chance to challenge new levels of their own creativity.  Photography courses empower students to learn various photographic techniques, digital imaging, and alternative processes. Students are given access to state of art technology such as in film processing areas, dark room facilities, and computer labs with a wide assortment of digital input and output devices. Fashion courses are related classes, which provide additional support for students in this program.  

Upon receiving a certificate or degree in photography most find careers in areas of interest such as media, editorial, fashion, medical and forensics.  Several also find work as professional photographers who work independently on different projects such as portraits of people, nature, and wildlife.  These works are usually published in magazines and their very own books.

Filmmaking is another art school option for students, in Oklahoma, eager to learn the art of filming.  The classes in the filmmaking program generally focus on kinetic media, main and video production.  Students work in class environments, which allow them to gain experience using production equipment like Hi-8, digital video, analog, nonlinear, audio, lighting and other accessories. These courses generally offer professional and peer critiques on student productions. Students in this program are also encouraged to take digital arts and photography courses, as these are beneficial. Filmmaking graduates usually find work in television, commercial areas, and independently.

Graphic Design Schools are also available in Oklahoma for students to become part of a brand new world of art.  The graphic design program was created for those who are interested in being adventurous with creating new designs.  Students who enter graphic design school take courses in drawing, drafting, color, basic design principles, human factors, spatial planning, and safety building codes. Graphic Designers find work in marketing, art galleries, and commercial areas.  They also find work freelancing.   

Interior Design school is a fabulous for choice students who tune into HGTV on a regular basis for the latest decorating trends.  This program gets students ready for a world of design. The interior design courses are arranged from introductory to advance.  These classes also give students the opportunity to explore galleries and be artistic while working on practical projects.  Computer aided design software helps students make sense of their ideas. Interior design graduates usually find exciting careers in residential or commercial interior, sales, merchandising, or specialized design.

Oklahoma Art Schools has unlimited possibilities for art and design students to succeed in their career dreams and by implementing the states motto into their studies anything is possible.

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