Ohio is known for its industrial output. There are many careers and schools in Ohio. The two largest photography schools are Columbus State Community College, and the University of Akron. At the Columbus State Community College which is a 2 year school students can earn a certificate and associate degree, and at the University of Akron being a 4 year school, students can earn their bachelor’s degree in photography.

Undergrads wanting to get their photography certificates will need to complete 3 academic quarters. In this photography program will explore black and white, color, and digital photography. While also learning how to properly use Adobe Photoshop photo editing, also studying lighting techniques, and studio photography skills.

Students wanting to earn their associates degree in digital photography with also need to complete basic courses of math, English, humanities, and communications in addition to digital photography certificate courses. Associate degree students develop skills in graphic design, project management, advertising and web publishing. They are also required to take classes in digital portfolio development, which they learn to design an online portfolio of their best work. They often find jobs in wedding, or portrait photography, along with other possibilities.

Students earning their bachelor’s degree in photography begin with foundational courses in drawing, 2-D, and 3-D design. Students are required to complete at least 7 courses in photography. These topics include black and white, color, commercial, and criticism photography. They also learn skills in computer graphics and digital imaging, and also complete a general education in curriculum in math, English, science, speech, humanities and physical education. They often find jobs in digital, commercial or find art photography, and can work for publishers, corporations and agencies, among other possibilities. 

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