There are approximately nine North Carolina architecture schools or university programs. All of these architectural programs in North Carolina provide their students with the education and training necessary to impact the world around them for the rest of their lives.

Architecture is more than just putting pen to paper and drawing a building, bridge or other structure.  North Carolina architecture schools prepare men and women from all walks of life to pursue careers in a variety of fields often seemingly unrelated to that of an architect.

Before pursuing a course of architectural studies at one of North Carolina architectural schools, certain general education studies should already have been completed.  Such courses of study will include: mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, physics, computer studies and communications.

Some of the required courses the student of architecture at one of North Carolina’s architecture schools might take are:

Art & Design Theory
Modern Architecture
Spatial Reasoning
Nature in Environment
Construction Technology
Urban Form
Visual Communications
Architectural Engineering
Art History – Ancient to Medieval Architecture
Art History – Renaissance to Modern Architecture
Materials & Building Construction
Environmental Control Systems
Emergency Mgmt Planning
Emergency/Disaster Planning

The skills learned attending North Carolina architecture programs are skills that will enable each graduate to realize his or her own potential not only as an architect, but as a leader, a negotiator and communicator. Skills in critical thinking, building, design, visual literacy and professionalism will help each student be the very best they can be, not only for themselves, but for their future employers and their communities. 

Some BEDA graduates of North Carolina architectural studies Bachelor of Architecture program often go on to complete that extra fifth year of study towards becoming a licensed architect. Others complete the Master of Architecture two-year program. Those who successfully graduate these courses then have the option to pass the Architectural Registration Examination after first fulfilling the required period of professional training.

Not all those who graduate with a degree in architectural studies from one of the North Carolina architecture schools go on to pursue a career as a building design architect.  Opportunities abound for those with degrees in architectural design, such as landscape architecture, building preservation and restoration, municipal planning and other related fields.

Graduates from North Carolina architecture colleges also find that obtaining the title of licensed architect has also handed them the key to the world.  For the adventurous, architects are in demand all around the world. From Australia to Saudi Arabia, from Dubai to Canada, anywhere building is going on there will be a demand for qualified architects.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, architects earn an average of $65,000 per year.  Those in the top ten percent earn well over $104,000 per year.  For earning potential, a career as an architect is filled with financial promise, and the outlook for employment thru 2016 is expected to continue at a rate faster than average.

Graduating from North Carolina architecture schools is a great way to become not only an architect, but to become the strong community leader whose skills will put him or her in demand around around the world. If you relish the idea of leaving your mark on the world in a solid and significant way, you might want to consider becoming an architect.

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