Are you looking for a leading industrial design school? Would you like to know what the area of New York may have to offer you on an educational basis? If you feel you possess the artistic qualities and innovation to explore and create you own new design ideas, however, lack the technical skills and theoretical knowledge behind industrial design to see a project through to fruition, then an industrial design school in New York may provide you with the educational foundation you require for success. Industrial design presents itself frequently within our daily lives.

The profession amalgamates components of mechanical engineering with natural artistic talent in producing new and improved products. The routine work of an industrial designer involves designing new creative methods or concepts which will aid the optimal cost reduction, efficiency, environmentally friendliness or aesthetic appearance of a product.

By adopting a humanistic approach incorporating aspects such as cost production, safety production time or engineering components the industrial designer ensures the respect and likeability from both customers and manufacturers. Schools within New York have made every effort to ensure they deliver high level, industry orientated programs to suit careers at all levels. Educational programs ranging from individual certificates or degrees to Graduate level studies are available within the area.

For career driven professionals it is advisable to attain a degree level of education before entry to the working field. Optimal learning is facilitated by fully equipped modern classrooms with low class numbers. Tutors are highly qualified and usually have previous industry experience. Accelerated learning is facilitated by “in class” textbook teaching reinforced through “in field” experience, provided by structured work placements. Students will be required to compile credible portfolios under the watchful eyes of tutors.

These portfolios will prove to be an essential asset upon entry to the workforce, allowing graduates to prove their work as both competent and innovative. Graduate level studies may be completed to master level allowing students to focus primarily on research and written theories. New York offers graduates an array of gainful employment opportunities within a vast spectrum of areas.

Entry level positions appear across the board within small to large design firms, large international companies with design teams or even within the area of consultancy. After gaining adequate experience within the field, designers may choose to move to more senior roles including management or enter the world of freelance. New York or “The Big Apple” as it is more commonly referred to, has something to offer locals and tourists alike during their free time.

An abundance of town parks offer students the perfect recluse from stressful study periods. Internationally famous tourist attractions such as, The Statue of Liberty or Greenwich Village, all provide fun field trips for you and your new found school friends at the weekend. The arts are celebrated throughout the city within numerous museums, theaters, open exhibitions and cultural centers. Catch a night on Broadway or head to one of the many cosmopolitan bars, restaurants, or clubs for exciting nightlife. With the ethnic diversity that is New York City, culinary tastes are catered for across the board, from “cheap and cheerful” to “exquisite and expensive”. New York has it all. With such a great range of educational programs, employment opportunities and leisure time activities available within the city, it is not surprising many students are choosing to kick start their industrial design careers with a top industrial design school in New York.

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