Studying Graphic Design in exciting New York City

Choosing to go to school in New York, for graphic design or otherwise, has its clear advantages.  For one, New York is highly regarded as a place with quality education, and endless opportunities.  Such a large number of schools in such close proximity to one another provides a healthy competition, which naturally increases the quality of the education.  Also, the general ambitious atmosphere that is boundless in New York City is an inspiring factor for many a student.  After all, is New York not the place to which the dreamers and the highly driven flock in order to make it big?  While this could be overwhelming to some, to most it is incentive to work hard and achieve the best results possible.

Since graphic design degrees are offered at four-year university, trade schools, community colleges, and through online programs, there are several options for an aspiring student.  A prospective design student has the choice between the following types of degrees: a Bachelor of Fine Arts, an Associates degree, or a Bachelor of Arts.  It is also possible to work towards a Master of Fine Arts in graphic design, though there are fewer programs from which to choose.  New York, it seems has one of the highest numbers of these degree options in one city–hardly surprising since New York seems to offer the most options of anything–be it restaurants, theaters, or schools–in any one city.  That being said, it seems only natural that the high concentration of other graphic design students and instructors would provide a network of people, making connections that could lead to internships, permanent jobs and business partnerships.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees are highly competitive, requiring a portfolio of art work to be submitted with the application.  In these degrees, students not only study their area of specialty, but other forms of studio art and art history.  Bachelor of Arts degrees are more generalized, in which students complete courses outside their area of study, for an education with a broader spectrum–in other words, a liberal arts education.  Usually, to enter into a B.A. program, a general university application is required, potentially specifying interest in graphic design, with no portfolio requirement.  Associates degrees are highly specific, including only those courses directly related to the students’ area of study.  Therefore the application is a general application, with are of interest declared.

Many graphic design programs also offer animation, sound and video file creation, and web site creation, making the title “graphic design program” a little too limited.  With technology continuing to improve and grow, graphic design is an ever expanding field.  Web browsing, advertising, and social networking are at an all time high,  therefore, graphic designers are in demand.  Not only are there full time positions available at various types of companies and organizations, there is also a plethora of freelance work. 

Graphic design can be an exciting, flexible career in which the designer’s creative talents as well as computer skills will be put to good use.  Studying in New York can give the student advantages they may not have elsewhere, in addition providing the unique experience of living in one of the most famous and vibrant cities in the world.

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