There are so few places in this world where business, style and fashion collide. Paris and Tokyo offer a mere glimpse of what that culture may be like. But New York is the complete package.There is nowhere else in the world where ideas like fashion and marketing are found on every billboard and store display. The advantage to attending a fashion marketing school in New York is that you find yourself in the heart of the culture.

When you are in the Big Apple there are so many options at your disposal to enrich your fashion education. While you attend programs on brand marketing and business management classes, you can also attend fashion workshops and shows all around the city.

You can see first hand the ins-and-outs of the fashion and design cultures as you visit the runways of NYC. The fashion marketing schools will equip you with not only all the technical aspects of the fashion industry but will throw you headfirst into the real world events that form the fashion empires all around the world.

The detailed and well rounded experience doesn’t extend only to the fashion portion of your education but to the business education you are receiving as well. With New York being a hub of business and trade the business internship positions that are available to you here are like nowhere else in the world. You will have the ability to witness how professionals market and design products in order to achieve the status that the fashion designer is striving to achieve.

On top of the professional advantages the city has to offer you the very culture and spotlight of New York will help you get a better understanding of social trends. Some of the fashion trends in the world are started here, and not by fashion designers, but by citizens of the great city.

By attending a fashion marketing school in New York you will learn to identify the trends that are emerging in the world around you. Your fashion sense will mature as you incorporate contemporary New York looks and style in with your traditional designer training. Your marketing will become well honed as you are able to understand the social dynamics that make up the culture.

Through all of this experience, both practical and technical, New York will form you into a virtuoso of the fashion industry. You will not be limited by your classroom knowledge as your work will display your understanding of the pop culture in your surroundings. You will not be limited by your understanding of street level fashion as your marketing approach will have a well educated and practiced design and approach.

The fact is in todays competitive market where neither education or experience are enough on their own you need to find a place that offers both. The advantage to attending a fashion marketing school in New York is that you receive the full package. By the time you graduate you will be a knowledgeable and experienced member of the fashion society trained and groomed in the heart of a global fashion epicenter.

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