The State of New Mexico is full of opportunities when it comes to finding a potential place to study Animation. From Albuquerque’s “Art Center College of Design”, to Roswell’s “Eastern New Mexico University”, there is an abundance of schools available to the potential pupil.

Depending on which field the student wishes to enter, a vast collection of animation courses are available. Design principles, design and color theory and subjects such as  drawing and rendering techniques are essentials as they cover the basics of the trade. Many other courses are also highly recommended amongst the myriad of topics in animation. The latest techniques in digital animation, digital imaging, publishing, 2D and 3D characters are also recommended courses to the student developing their passion.

New Mexico also hosts a large artistic community in Santa Fe. Because of this, jobs in art related fields and numerous displays and exhibitions provide consistent work year round for the recent graduate in New Mexico. Animation is an ever growing field in popularity and in complexity, so the newest and most up to date technologies and techniques are required. All of these in demand requirements are available in the vast plethora of options that the potential animation student faces while browsing New Mexico Animation Cplleges.

Aside from the vast artistic community in Santa Fe, students and animators searching for or leaving one of New Mexico’s Animation Colleges are frequently needed for work across the State. The industry is constantly searching for new and innovative animators with jobs making movies, television shows, cartoons, computer software and commercials in the forefront. All kinds of private jobs, including freelance work also await the animator in question.
New Mexico’s rich cultural history and emergence in the entertainment industry due to its unique scenario and place in the world has helped bring it to the forefront of the animation world. New Mexico Animation Colleges are preparing some of the industry’s best- and with plenty of jobs to go around in plenty of unique cities, why miss out on enjoying this special piece of America?


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