If you are interested in audio production and the recording arts, then a course at one of the many Santa Barbara Audio Production Schools could be ideal for you. A course in audio production will lead to an Associate of Arts degree (AA), or a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA). You will develop skills as an audio producer, explore career opportunities in the music and entertainment industries, and get some valuable work experience.

Students at Santa Barbara audio production schools can expect to take classes in media production, mass communications, media writing, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), multitrack recording, audio maintenance, audio aesthetics, digital audio, music recording and audio mixing.

Audio production schools, or audio recording schools, as they are also known, train their students in the latest computer technologies of sound recording, and sound reproduction. Recording equipment, speakers, mixers, video equipment and audio equipment are constantly evolving, and it is very important that the school you pick has an up to date sound studio. All of the Santa Barbara audio production schools are well equipped, by international standards, but you should still do your own research to make sure you make the right personal choice.

Once you have completed your course, and achieved your degree, there are many different career paths available to you. Graduates from Santa Barbara audio production schools can find work in the film, TV, and music industries as well as in theater, the video game and software industries. Perhaps the most popular choice for graduates of audio production, are jobs in a recording studio. Most students will have aspirations of mixing a number one single, or working on their favourite rock bands album. Being a sound engineer may lead you down a different path to that of the recording studio, many graduates go on to follow a career in live music. Being a sound engineer at live concerts can be just as rewarding as working behind the mixing desk in a studio. Another benefit of course, is the possibility of touring with the band.

Because so many students will have aspirations of working with their favourite bands, and going on tour, the competition will be intense for these jobs. When an audio production job becomes available, there are an enormous number of candidates to choose from, so the type of degree that you have, and which school it was obtained from, will play a major role in becoming a successful candidate. Santa Barbara audio production schools are world renowned, and are well respected in the industry. A qualification from one of the many schools in the area will be a great advantage, when it is time to apply for the job of your choice.

Santa Barbara audio production schools’ faculty are all well experienced, passionate, and enthusiastic about sound production. This is another good reason to study in the area. Graduates of Santa Barbara audio production schools have gone on to work all over the world, in concert halls and recording studios, on every type of music you can imagine, and everywhere across America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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