Music Production Schools in North Carolina


Music is an important component in many of our lives. We use it to set the mood, to celebrate, and to commiserate. And we owe much to musicians and technicians who perform and record the music for us. But there is more to making music than just picking up an instrument and playing a tune. If you want to record that music, you need someone who knows about music production. If you want to be that person, you might attend one of several music production schools in North Carolina.


The music production schools in North Carolina offer a Bachelor of Music for students interested in producing music. Students typically take core curriculum courses as well as performance classes in voice, composition, and instruments. Students also have ample opportunity to perform as well. From there, students can either seek employment or go on to graduate studies at another institution depending on their career goals.


Music production schools in North Carolina also offer classes in music management and merchandising. In addition to performance, students can learn the business of music which will either help them advance their musical careers or prepare them for other careers in the music industry such as talent management or production. Students also take courses that cover music marketing and promotions, sound engineering, recording, legal matters such as copyright law, and those that prepare students for careers in music education.


Since technology is an important component in making music today, music production schools in North Carolina also offer degrees in music with a concentration in music business and technology. Students at the many North Carolina music production schools will be able to work with modern facilities and equipment, which are needed for students to gain practical experience with recording and other music production techniques. Students will work in recording studios, post-production facilities, and mastering labs. Music production schools in North Carolina will teach students how to use various equipment and software technologies to be able to manipulate music. Courses in both audio engineering and musicianship are available, as are courses in advanced music and sound engineering. Students will be able to take classes that focus on the different aspects of the music industry, from learning to use recording software and engineering techniques to management and law. These are all excellent preparations for the student looking to get into the music business.


And what are the opportunities for someone in the music business? Well there are several possible careers paths for graduates. The first and most obvious is a music producer. There is also the prospect of becoming a musician, sound engineer, music director for a church, or in music therapy. In addition, you may decide to be a music teacher, either in public or private institutions or by teach private lessons. Your career is limited only by your talent and desire. Training, however, is still crucial and there are a number of music production schools in North Carolina. Even should you choose a school with a traditional music major, you will still gain the necessary skills to understand and make it in the music industry. 

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