New York is often thought of as the place to be for entertainment. So if you are looking to study music production, then you are in the right place to start. There are music production schools in New York that offer courses in the many fields comprising the music production industry, but without a little research and guidance, you will find it is quite hard to navigate the many different options.


New York is alive with recorded sound—blaring from the radios in cars as they pass Times Square, in the headphones of a jogger, and through every radio and television set. The people who work in the sound and entertainment industry in New York perform a number of diverse jobs, and a career in the music industry can mean doing any of them. First, you need to be professionally trained at music production schools in New York.

Whether you want to be a rock star or an executive sitting at the top of a recording empire, you will have to have a goal in mind before you settle on a school. Several music production schools in New York offer music business management courses, and there are positions in the industry for lawyers, salesmen, marketing managers, public relations professionals, human resource professionals, as well as copywriters and critics.

Careers in the New York music production industry can range from the glamorous to the mundane and encompasses a diverse range of positions. Music production schools in New York can teach you the necessary skills in each of these positions. Audio and recording engineers are responsible for setting up and mixing the sounds into the final product and help link the songwriter to the produced CD, MP3, or other electronic format of the finished product. Additionally, there are departments of people who package and market the product at a sales level, which is another side of the industry.

Copyright is an important factor in the ongoing production of original music, and a specialist in this aspect of the law would be a prime candidate in defending the intellectual copyrights of music owners and producers. There are many good universities in New York that offer courses in copyright law, but if you are more comfortable with contracts, then there is a place on the payroll for you as well.

The entertainment industry accounts for a sizeable portion of the average person’s disposable income and is large enough to sustain many workers. With a lot of thought about where you want to head and a little research, you will find it much easier to break into this exciting and desirable industry. From independent music production schools in New York to advanced university courses, each is a step along the way to a fulfilling career in music production. Nevertheless, in order to make it this or any industry, you must have passion for what you are doing. Keep a cool head, and check out different music production schools before deciding which way you want to go. Make sure you check out course catalogs and visit campuses prior to enrolling at a school. You want to make sure the school you attend will give you the necessary skills to be employed and successful in your area of interest.


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