Music Production Schools in Los Angeles


If music production is on your list for a possible career, there are a plethora of music production schools in Los Angeles which can teach you the skills and knowledge you need. Depending on which direction you want to take, institutions can cater to any professional niche in this diverse and exciting industry.


The world of music production has many facets. Musicianship, sound and audio engineering, electronics, management, sales and marketing, and law are all disciplines which belong in this field, and many music production schools in Los Angeles provide courses to teach these skills, proving that there is a whole lot more to the music industry than just music.


If you’re a musician looking to break into the industry or simply want to be involved in the industry, going to a Los Angeles music production school can help you hone your art. Many jobs in this field require at least some musical knowledge, which you can learn at music schools or on your own. The first step in your journey should be to sit and consider which side of the industry you’d like to work in. There many choices available, so it may not be easy. If the manipulation of sound is where you want to go, then an audio engineering program may be your way forward. Audio engineers are the people who take care of the details of actually recording sounds. Setting up a studio, testing sound levels, recording, mixing, and post-production are some of the major tasks audio engineers are in charge of. Music production schools in Los Angeles will teach students how to do these things. You’ll find audio engineers in a wide variety of places, including professional recording studios, radio and television stations, and anywhere audio is needed.  The engineering side of the industry may not be as glamorous as the performance and entertainment side, but a good engineer can find work almost anywhere.


There are also many other options available. Since the implementation of digital technology in the 1990s, the face of music creation and recording has changed substantially, and now includes much more diverse areas of opportunity. Computer games and software all require sound experts to design, record, and implement the many sound bytes that go into making up a game or application. Software technicians are required to keep all the new recording programs working, and all of these people must be trained in the art of recording and producing sound.


Alternately there are many positions available for managers in the music production business in Los Angeles. Schools that offer courses in music production will often have related courses pertaining to the business side of the music industry, and they will teach students the ins and outs of music management. The entertainment industry is huge, and the amount of positions available for experienced and professional managers is extensive.


If music marketing is more in your line, the music production schools in Los Angeles can teach you the skills you need. Every piece of produced music, whether it is a song from a rock band or a backing track to a movie or video game, needs to be marketed and sold. You could also break into the industry as a copyright lawyer.


Courses for all of these disciplines are available from the many music production schools in Los Angeles, and if you’re thinking the music business sounds like the place to be, then Southern California is the place to take your first steps.




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