Music Production Schools in Chicago


If music production in Chicago is your ideal career, you should look into schools that teach you the necessary skills. Few careers are more rewarding and exciting than those offered in the music field, and there are schools in and around Chicago which cater to all aspects of this fascinating and diverse industry.


Many public and private Chicago schools offer music production courses. The music can be a very diverse field, particularly with the advent of digital technology, so it is wise to know what you are getting into before deciding which course you would like to take. Audio engineering and recording was traditionally done with analogue tape, recording, re-recording, and cut and splice methods, but that all changed when the computer was introduced and accepted into the industry. Now, the industry relies heavily on technology, computers, and other sound-mixing and recording devices, so it is critical for students to learn how to use the right equipment.


Music production schools in Chicago will teach students how to use the various equipment and software programs need to mix, record, and manipulate music. The schools offer courses in audio engineering, musicianship, recording, production, post-production, and more. Students will take courses in music theory, history, and practice, and even management, marketing, and law. These courses will help student looking to get into the music business.


Music management is another aspect of the industry which relies on professionals. Music distribution is an enormous and diverse industry in itself, and there are courses available at music production schools in Chicago that teach the ins and outs of management at any level. Sales and marketing have a very important role to play in the development of future music, by setting the trends that relate to record sales. Copyright is a serious side of the industry which requires lawyers with specialized knowledge and many law schools in Chicago offer courses in music copyright law.


Computer games also have a need for sound and music, and their rapid rise in popularity is a driving factor in the need for audio technicians to design and create the sounds which are an important component in any game. There are schools in Chicago devoted to game and application creation which offers courses in the specific audio aspects of game development.


Many standard music production courses offered by Chicago universities and colleges will include some introduction to further aspects of the industry, whether it is management, sound engineering, or any other diversification, but there are a variety of private institutions which specialize in a particular area.


The wealth of music production schools in Chicago is well-suited to the pursuit of a career in the music industry. The right one for you all depends on where your talents and interests lie, but as the industry is so very diverse it is always possible you will come across a new field which piques your interest. From recording a hit album to a radio jingle, or an upper management position in a record company to a day in court deciding who owns the music, there is a spot waiting for you in the music production industry in Chicago.




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