ZH-CN X-NONE A rapidly growing career path with a wide range of avenues that one could pursue is anything involving multimedia. Multimedia encompasses any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video that can be accessed or enjoyed on a computer or really any other electronic means, such as a Smartphone or even a gaming system. The sky is the limit once you decide that you would like to explore a multimedia career. The biggest challenge will be determining which area you would like to specialize in. You can find jobs ranging from publishing and advertising to filmmaking and video game design. Below is a brief overview of some of the many careers you can choose from should you decide to go for a specialized degree in multimedia. 

Many creative people get interested in the arts surrounding the film and television industries. The jobs involved in this much sought after division of multimedia careers are as varied as the people vying for them. Sound producers or audio engineers are responsible for recording all sound and sound effects on set during filming and then editing and mixing for the final cut. There are many specific careers in the sound category, including sound mixer, sound designer, location sound engineer, and sound recorders to name a few. Video producers capture moving images on electronic media such as video tapes, digital camcorders, or even streaming media that will then be video edited to eventually produce a film or television show. Art director is kind of a blanket term that includes a variety of similar job functions like making decisions about visual elements and artistic styles. This particular job is key in the film industry but you will also find it in many careers involving the internet and video games. 

The internet has a huge niche for people with a passion for all things multimedia. A web content producer or editor typically creates, edits, and arranges the text, video, audio, images and other materials that may be included on a website. They define and maintain the feel of a website, its personality if you will, rather than the technical running of it. A graphic designer puts together images, text, and various graphics to create a piece of design. While web design is a large market for this career path, it can also be used for published and printed media like brochures and advertising. A graphic designer’s key job is to present information in a way that is both accessible and visually pleasing. 

Software companies are always looking for individuals who can develop, implement and modify software. These careers include things like CD-ROM developers, animators, and game designers. Regardless of your area of interest or expertise, there are many fascinating multimedia careers out there to pursue. Many of which can lead you in any number of exciting directions. Whether you want to try your hand at some form of art or graphic design or pursue something involving video or sound production, chances are you will find that the doors are wide open in many professional arenas, and that a rewarding career is just around the corner. 

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