With the leaps and bounds technology has made in the past few decades, it is not surprising that careers within the computer and design industry have grown exponentially.  Careers in web development, graphic art and design, web design, and multimedia web design have become some of the fastest-growing careers throughout the world.  The excitement, innovation, and salaries for multimedia web careers are also part of the reason so many college students have chosen the industry as their focus of study and work.  

While it may sound cool, multimedia web design may be very different than what someone may expect, especially if they are not familiar with computers, the Internet, and technology in general.  Simply put, multimedia web design involves the communication of an idea or concept through a website, kiosk, CD-ROM, or DVD typically in an interactive way.  Other multimedia specialists design non-interactive forms.  Just as the title suggests, many varieties and techniques are used to achieve this goal including still images, video, audio, animation, text, soundtracks, physical objects, and digital data.

There are two main forms of multimedia design – interactive and non-interactive.  Interactive multimedia design requires some sort of navigation that allows the user to manipulate the system to gain access to certain information.  A multimedia web designer would be responsible for ensuring that all media elements work together effectively.  Non-interactive multimedia also has many different elements to it, but the user does not manipulate them.  An example of non-interactive multimedia would be a television commercial.

Someone who is interested in a career in multimedia web design will have the opportunity to earn a very nice living.  In addition to rewarding multimedia web salaries, there is always room to expand the craft and modify the role of the profession.  There are many different jobs available to those interested in multimedia design and the potential is always increasing.  Some professions in multimedia web design include, but are not limited to, web developer, web designer, multimedia producer, multimedia scriptwriter, web script language developer, and a multimedia producer.  This list is by no means complete.

In order to achieve a sufficient multimedia web salary, candidates should be creative, innovative, and exhibit a fine attention to detail as there is very little or no room for error.  The highest multimedia web salaries go to individuals that have no trouble envisioning the “big picture” with excellent communication skills, and extraordinary creativity.  The most successful multimedia web design professionals are able to work both alone and in teams with very little direction or supervision.

The multimedia web design industry is a constantly growing one.  The salary range is excellent, with much opportunity for beginning multimedia designers as well as seasoned professionals.  The current median multimedia web salary is about $44,000, with the low end at $25,000 and the high end at $85,000.  Obviously, many multimedia web salaries are commensurate with experience, responsibilities, talent, and the employer.

Multimedia web salaries offer much room for growth and personal achievement.  Careers in the industry are not reserved exclusively for the website design world either, as professionals may achieve multimedia web salaries in art direction, animation, and filmmaking as well.  A career in multimedia design has what seems to be limitless opportunity and possibility.

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