Multimedia specialists have a very wide range of skills needed; a multimedia web job description is quite long.  As a multimedia specialist, you are expected to have had a lot of technical training and knowledge, and design training and knowledge as well.  This is because you will be asked to create information technology and communications technology – based outputs.

A multimedia web job description includes designing games, education and training materials that can be viewed on the web, advertising materials, marketing materials, and even information resources; all online.

Software knowledge is really a must, as well as the know-how to make one from scratch.  Once you have already decided on the design of your online product, you will need to author your own software program that can make your product run properly online.  Keep in mind that most of your outputs need to be interactive and that users and end users need to be able to navigate through the content successfully and most of time, easily.

Multimedia specialists also need to be aware of the testing and troubleshooting methods their programs would constantly need.  Additionally, you will have to labor through writing the description of your product’s creation, what it contains, how each process in it works, how to troubleshoot the programs and programming related problems.

As a multimedia specialist, part of your multimedia web job description would be to know exactly what is expected from the product you are about to make.  If you will work under web developers, this information may be passed on to you by your superiors.  If that is not the case, then you will have to meet with your client to discuss what they want.

Normally, in discussions like these, the client is advised of any, if at all, difficulties that the product they want may encounter.  This is why you also need to be able to think ahead and see what your problems with the end results or even in the process might be.

You will also have you make periodic reports on the progression of your project, and even some recommendations on how to make the product work better.  This, of course, would be subject to your superior’s and the client’s nods of approval.  Moreover, you need to be able to present a finished design and let your managers and your clients see them too.  If there are any alterations, then you will have to put those in the report.

You also would be collaborating with other specialists who can help you in your project; you might need writers (especially for marketing and advertising jobs), animators (for games), and programmers. 

The most common programs that you need to be familiar with include Photoshop, Macromedia director, Mmacromedia flash animator, Macromedia flash 3D animator, Macromedia director and Macromedia dreamweaver.

You should also be well-versed in different text formats from hypertext mark up language (HTML), Javascript, or C++.  If you have put a check on all the requirements mentioned above, then you just might be ready for this career.

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