With a degree in Multimedia and Web, you have less to fear from the future of the job market.  In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, everyone and everything needs a website-and, thus, a web designer.  The abilities you learned while earning your degree in Multimedia and Web are highly valued among future employers.  You might be called upon to maintain and update existing websites or create new ones from scratch.

Maintenance and Updating – Companies that already have well-built websites are often on the prowl for designers to work as part of a larger web team.  Designers may be put in charge of a particular section of a website and are responsible for maintaining its functionality.  This involves regularly checking that links and images work and that there are no compatibility issues with different browsers.  When the company wishes to make updates to its site, web designers are also responsible for making these changes live and checking for potential problems that arise.

Front-End Developer/Designer- Front-end designers are responsible for creating what the user actually sees when he or she visits a site.  This not only involves questions of functionality, such as making clear, user-friendly menus with working links and good-quality images, but also giving the site a particular aesthetic appeal.  Front-end designers take instructions and design elements from the client-such as corporate logos or site maps-and create a clean, visually appealing final product that is easy to navigate.

Back-End Developer – What the back-end developer creates is not always seen by the user, but it is absolutely indispensable to the website itself.  Back-end developers are in charge of creating interfaces that allow the site to run smoothly behind the scenes.  They may be required to work with existing site architecture structures or sometimes create them from scratch.

Freelancing – All of the above positions are available within a well-structured company seeking designers with degrees in Multimedia and Web, but with the same degree you could very well work on your own.  Many designers take this route and work from home or a personal office.  In this case, they do a combination of all the above positions.  They accept jobs on commission and set their own hours.

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